Episode-02: Features Questions on Networking, Cybersecurity TRIAD, Ransomware and more….


  1. Mr. Defcon works for a fortune 500-organization, that just rolled out a new security platform for all its employees. However, to be able to complete the registration step on this platform, all employees are requested to provide their residential address, and password. If Mr. Defcon proceeds to provide these information, what factors involved in the “Authentication Systems”, have been honored.

           A. Knowledge & Location.

           B. Knowledge & Possession.

           C. Location & Possession.

           D. Possession & Inheritance.

           E. All of the Above.

           F. None of the Above.

      Answer: (Option F).

  1. What protocol provides both Confidentiality and Integrity of the Cybersecurity TRIAD.

           A. IKEv2. (Internet Key Exchange version 2).

           B. AH (Authentication Header).

           C. ESP (Encapsulating Security Payloads).

           D. B & C.

           E.  All of the above.

           F.  None of the above.

    Answer: (Option C).

  1. What protocol is ESP.

           A.  UDP.

          B.  TCP.

          C.  IP.

          D.  FTP.

          E.  All of the above.

          F.  None of the Above.

   Answer: (Option C).

  1. What best describes an application used in a ransomware attack ?

           A.  crypt.

           B.  cryptographic.

           C.  cryptology.

           D. cryptolocker.

           E.  All of the Above.

Answer: (Option D).

Breaking and Answering Cybersecurity Questions: Video Analysis of these Questions, and their Answers…


  1. They are small files that are sent from the server to client (browser) each time you visit a site. What are these files, and what is the attack on these files called.

           A.  Cache & Cache Poisoning.

           B.  Cookie & Cache Poisoning.

           C.  Cookie & Cookie Theft.

           D.  Cookie & Cookie Poisoning.

           E.  C & D.

           F.  All of the Above.

Answer: (Option D).

  1. As a pentester, you are giving the domain name of an organization to resolve into IP address. What command is best for this purpose assuming you are using a Kali-Linux machine.

          A.  nc [domain-name] –lvnp 4444.

         B.  dig [domain-name].

         C.  nmap.

         D.   nslookup [domain-name].

         E.  All of the Above.

         F.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option D).

  1. Mr. Linux  and Mr. Windows work for Portswigger Academy. A meeting occurred during week on some technical programming documentation. Mr. Linux  created a file, and sent it to Mr. windows to read, and make possible changes where necessary.  What describes their rights or Permissions, to the file.?

          A.  Mr. Linux = Read, Write.         Mr. Windows = Read, Execute.

          B.  Mr. Windows = Read, Write.   Mr. Linux = Read, Execute.

          C.  Mr. Linux = Full Permissions.   Mr. Windows = Full Permissions.

          D.  Mr. Windows = Full Permissions.   Mr. Linux = Full Permissions.

          E.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option E).

  1. As a network engineer, your organization discovered that outsiders could infiltrate the local area network, and insiders on the network connect directly to external resources. To prevent this from happen, what server is best suitable for this ? 

         A. VPN Server.

         B.  SSH.

         C.  DMZ.

         D.  A & C.

         E.  All of the Above.

         F.   None of the Above.

Answer: (Option D).

  1. Which of the following is a Network Monitoring Tool.?

         A.  SolarWinds.

         B.  Microsoft Network Monitor.

         C.  Wireshark.

         D. A & C.

         E.  A, B & C.

         F.  All of the Above.

Answer: (Option E).

  1. What programming language uses “cout” as a method of printing out statement ?

        A.  C#.

        B.  C.

        C. Python.

        D.  Ruby.

        E.  C++.

        F.  None of The Above. 

Answer: (Option E).



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