Cyberbreach hits Kansas city, impacting time weather traffic info system.

In an emerging news, a cyberbreach, which impacted the time weather facility at the “Sunflower” state, has been disclosed by the department of transportation in Kansas and Missouri United States. It was reported that last week Thursday the equipment which provides live updates on weather and traffic information to commuters of the busy roads was taken down by a cyberattack, resulting to the damage of the critical infrastructure.

No doubt, that such an incident which occurred in an inauspicious time when the state is being hit by a dangerous storm, left the citizens of Kansas in a panic mode. This information, which was shared on Thursday morning (last week), by the Kansas City Scout via its official facebook account, warned citizens across the state, of the entire service downtime comprising of various critical infrastructures, on the highways.

According to sources from therecord media, Melissa black a spokeswoman for the Kansas City and Missouri Department of Transportation, disclosed that, as of Friday (last week) all CCTV cameras and information digital display boards across the metropolitan area of the state, are still offline.
Furthermore, on the same Friday correspondence, the organization confirmed that indeed the incident was as a result of a cyberattack. However, the nature of the attack, was never disclosed.

Cyberattack hits Kansas City forcing the sunflower state to take down its critical infrastructure. Image-source: Fox Weather

The Kansas City Scout also stated that as a mitigative measure, these infrastructures were shutdown, by the IT security team, to prevent further damage.
While the time it would take to restore services to these critical infrastructures is yet unknown, however, the Kansas City Scout released a toll-free number, to enable its citizen to reach out for further help and support.

Also, as a way to ensure that no road mishap is experienced, citizens were advised to adhere to safety driving based on the current road conditions, and traffic flow. At this point in time, when the Kansas city scout is working on restoring services back to normal, we at fixitgearware security hope citizens would be patriotic, and adhere to the new road rules, to help minimize or eradicate casualties at this point in time.

Remember to always stay safe, and be vigilant 🛡️!



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