July 19, 2024
Daily, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are at risk of malicious attacks. A reason cybersecurity services is crucial. Choose FixitgearwareSecurity for your Infrastructure Testing and Protection.
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We are open for business from Monday through Saturday's. We are closed on Sundays and public holidays. Urgent request.? leave us a chat or message at Contact-Us section.

Propagating cybersecurity awareness to Big Enterprise, SME's, and common internet users while employing our professional skills in ensuring the security of your business and personal data from possible cyber attacks.

  • Do you render services overseas.?

In ensuring a great commitment to our company and values, we provide services overseas, although this might come at a higher cost, depending on the services you requested for, and country location. 


  • Can you be reached and get a response quickly.?

Our customer supports makes provision for speedy response, however certain issues might require more time to be solved. In such case, we would open a ticket of your complaint and notify you within a span of 24-hrs. 


  • How often do you have your programs and webinars. ?

Our team work round the clock in order to provide up-to-date cybersecurity training, and information. Therefore to get a date and time for our courses and training do subscribe to our email list, and check your email inbox as often as possible for information updates.  


  • Need cooperate organization training and workshops for academic students.?

Cybersecurity and internet safety education matters to us. To ensure the continuity of building an organized community, and ecosystem in cybersecurity our team can be contacted with regards to school talks, and workshop training for your organization. 

When we found fixitgearware, our aim in mind is to ensure that cybersecurity awareness becomes accessible, affordable to acquire training, and transform a novice into expert, by exposing them to various cybersecurity informations and methodology.

We want to think cybersecurity is beyond hacking (penetration-testing). It is about IoT (Internet of Things), it is about both digital security of the World Wide Web, and physical security where technology infrastructure lies, or even the security of human, and digital privacy. 

It is about protecting and securing Big enterprise data, small businesses, promoting awareness on the importance of digital  and physical security defence, teamwork, collaboration, harnessing the power of tools, and A.I based tools, and of course ethical-hacking for those who love the trill of breaking into stuff.

  • Fixitgearware will never contact you privately to make a donation for a charity organisation or even a donation to us.
  • If you feel the free-will to donate, do go over to our donation's page. Although, we will appreciate your donations if/when you donate, we will never force, coerce, or apply any other forceful means that are not voluntarily, nor contact you privately to make a donation.

    Be Sceptical of Emails:

  • - Threat actors and scammers are always crafting means and methods in carrying-out their gimmicks. The use of "typo-squatting" being one of them. It is important you lookout for the spellings for example "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" are not the same thing. The later missing an "i" in the spelling. This also applies to domain names that  you are directed to click as well. 

  • - It is true we do send emails of our newsletters, upcoming seminars, webinars, or other related service that we at fixitgearware provide. However, any links shared within those emails, are strictly redirecting you back to our website first, in other for you to know what you are getting into, and abide by our business policies & terms of service. Any email redirecting you straight to a third party website without first to our website, should be disregarded. We adopted this security measures, to limit or curb the rate of people being a victim of phishing links. 

  • - While we work towards protecting our customers & clients first, we do not blindside our business safety nor compromise in any-form. We therefore have a list of disclaimers which can not be put out here for business discretional purposes. If you wish to know a disclaimer regarding a list of services you are about to partake or conduct with us, do head to our support contact and reach-out to us. 




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