Episode-01: Five Steps in Breaking Cybersecurity Questions.

Five Steps In Breaking Cybersecurity Questions Easily: 

  1. Look at the question being asked.
  2. If it is a multiple-choice question, look at the options given.
  3. Go back to the question and highlight the keywords.
  4. Reference the keywords to the options given, and what answers best match the question being asked.
  5. Deduce your answer, based on the right matching options, to the question.



  1. Mr. Defcon works for a fortune 500-organization, that just rolled out a new security platform for all its employees. However, to be able to complete the registration step on this platform, all employees are requested to provide their residential address, and password. If Mr. Defcon proceeds to provide these information, what factors involved in the “Authentication Systems”, have been honored.

           A. Knowledge & Location.

           B. Knowledge & Possession.

           C. Location & Possession.

           D. Possession & Inheritance.

           E. All of the Above.

           F. None of the Above.

      Answer: (Option F).

  1. An organization you are contracted to pentest, has two separate infrastructure (A & B) in two different cities. The first infrastructure provides all necessary information required for Pentesting; however, the second infrastructure provides no information. As a cybersecurity expert, what type of testing would you conduct in these two infrastructures.

           A. BlackBox & WhiteBox testing.

           B. WhiteBox & GreyBox testing.

           C.  GreyBox & WhiteBox testing.

           D. BlackBox & GreyBox testing.

           E.  None of the above.

           F.  All of the above.

    Answer: (Option E).

  1. A medical student went to the clinic, to threat his fever. The bills were passed, and he proceeded to pay with his credit card. However, two days later, he heard the Hospital was hacked and credit card information’s were only stolen. Which of the Act, has been breached ?

           A. HIPAA.

           B.  GDPR.

           C.  PCI-DSS.

           D.  FISMA.

           E.  All of the above.

           F.  None of the Above.

   Answer: (Option C).

  1. While coding, you found your editor was slow. You decided to switch to Notepad++ but forgot the website. You googled it, clicked the first site that appeared, downloaded a file, and unknowingly installed malware. what method describes the malware propagation.?

          A.  Phishing Link.

          B.  Ransomware.

          C.  Malvertising.

          D.  A & C.

          E.  All of the Above.

Answer: (Option C).


Breaking and Answering Cybersecurity Questions: Video on How These question were broken down…


         5. What best describes the service SFTP port number?

          A.  22.

         B.  80.

         C.  20.

         D.  21.

         E.  C & D.

         F.  All of the Above.

Answer: (Option A).

  1. What Layer, is Layer 4,2,6,1 of the 7-OSI Model?

      A.  Physical Layer, Presentation Layer, Data-Link Layer, Transport Layer.

      B.  Network Layer, Presentation Layer, Transport Layer, Data Link Layer.

      C.  Transport Layer, Application Layer, Data Link Layer, Presentation Layer.

      D.  Transport Layer, Data Link Layer, Physical Layer, Presentation Layer.

      E.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option E).

  1. Which cybersecurity framework is responsible for the protection of critical infrastructure?

      A.  ISO23301.

     B.  SOC2.

     C.  NIST Framework.

     D.  All of the Above.

     E.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option C).

  1. What Network best serves a geographical Location in range between 5km to 45km range?

     A.  LAN (Local Area Network).

     B.  WAN (Wide Area Network).

     C.  MAN (Metropolitan Area Network).

     D.  A & C.

     E.  All of the Above.

     F.   None of the Above.

Answer: (Option C).

  1. which organization is responsible for the publication of web application vulnerabilities?

      A.  MITRE ATT&CK.

      B.  CVE ORG.

      C.  OWASP.

      D.  NIST GOV.

      E.  C,B & D.

      F.  All of the Above.

Answer: (Option C).

  1. As an accountant to a big financial organization, One day you came to the office, and discovered that over $250-Million has been wired from the account of the organization, but you do not know how it happened, or what mechanism that the account was compromised. who is the first person to contact

           A.  The Red Team Department.

           B.  The Blue Team Department.

           C.  Malware Analyst.

           D.  First Responder.

           E.  B or D.

           F.  Financial Auditor.

Answer: (Option E,B or D).



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