May 17, 2024

Our Terms of Services



Fixitgearware Platform is operated and managed by Fixitgearware. During your entirety surfing on our website, the terms of certain words such as “us” , “our”, and “we” implies to us Fixitgearware.

Fixitgearware website, as well as all the information, tools, and services on this website to our distinguished visitors, users, and customers, drafted in such a way upon your acceptance of all our terms and conditions, privacy & policies defined on our website. By your choice of navigating around our website, purchasing from our third party affiliate merchandise, you engaging on any sort of “ Services” , and acknowledge to be bound by the Terms & conditions as well as well as additional policies that are referenced in this section, or available by clickable links.  The stated terms of services applies to all visitors, users, and customers of Fixitgearware website, without restrictions participants who are contributors of contents on Fixitgearware. By the use of any part of our website, you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions stated in this agreement. However if you choose not to agree to all the terms and conditions of the agreement stated by Fixitgearware, you have the freewill to not access our website, or any services provided here within.

Terms of services of Fixitgearware are scrutinised as an offer, your acceptance is swiftly limited to these Terms of Service. In the event of future occurrence of tools, which are added to our store section or any part of our website, will be subjected to the Terms of services of Fixitgearware. Visitors, users, and customers, are advised to review the latest version of the terms of our services at any time on this page.  We have the right to update, replace, or modify any part of these terms of services by posting any current updates or sort of changes constituting of acceptance of those changes.  All merchandise on our store, are partnered with verified and trusted affiliate partners who provide absolute discount through our website, to our customers, and are trusted up to this moment you are conducting a transaction through us to their products.  





Fixitgearware reserves every right to remove merchandise from our third party affiliate sellers, who have proven that such product is faulty, or of substandard, and by you accessing the store section of Fixitgearware, that you are at least the legal age of majority in your country or state of origin/residence, as well as you have authorised us your consent to permit an of minor dependents to have access to our website. That accessing or using the products purchased via Fixitgearware shopping section, to our affiliate partners is not used for illegal or unauthorised purpose or in any circumstances in the use of such services, violate any laws in your Jurisdiction of accessing our services, violate Local laws or Federal laws ( including but not limited to the copyright laws ). You must not in any way transmit Trojan horses, worms, or even viruses or malicious codes. A violation of any point or section of the Terms will attract a sanction, this may include immediate disruption of our services for your access.





Fixitgearware reserves all right to refuse service to anyone for whatsoever reasons at any given time. visitors, users, and customers, hereby adhere that information’s ( except credit card information ), may be transferred unencrypted. A process of transmission across networks, and changes to comply and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks, as well any devices used.


In the course of any billing procedures credit card information’s are always encrypted during transfers over the networks. Hence you are agreeing not to proliferate, mimeograph, copy, resell, or in any form try to exploit any part of the services of Fixitgearware, or access to the service or any form of contact on the website or various third party services we use in providing efficient services, without swift permission by us. The titles of in this documentation, are included for convenience only, and not limited or in anyway affect these terms stated.





Fixitgearware is not to be held responsible for any inaccuracy, completeness, up to date of the information, made available on this website. The resources on Fixitgearware website is made available solely for general information purposes and should never be a benchmark for the decision making of its customers, users , and viewers without referencing primarily, a detailed and more accurate, and in completeness other resources with updated information’s. Any total dependency on the information’s made available on this website, is on/at the users, viewers, customers, readers risk.


Articles, and archived information’s corresponding to the areas of concentration on Fixitgearware are, available within the areas specified on this website. Archived documentation, certainly not up to date, and only made available for references only.  Fixitgearware reserves the rights within to redesign, alter, the resources of/on this website at any stipulated time, however we are not obliged to update the information’s made available on our website. Viewers, users, customers, readers agree that it is their full responsibility to monitor changes made available on our website.





It is of good interest that customers who choose to make purchases from the third party affiliate marketers we choose to sell their products, should expect an adjustment of price of their products without a prior notice. Also services rendered by Fixitgearware directly are also subjected to this changes in prices as well too.

Fixitgearware reserves every rights as well as choices at any time to modify or cancel services ( any given part or information thereof ) without a prior notice stated at any time. We are not to be held responsible for any reasons whatsoever suspension, and discontinuation of any sort of services rendered by both Fixitgearware and the third party services we are affiliated to.





Various products and services may be made available totally online through Fixitgearware’s website. The product or services are in certain occasions limited with regards to availability, and cancellation are subjected to Fixitgearware return policies. In accordance to be accurate as much as we can, Fixitgearware has detailed the services by images and icons as well as colouring.  There is no guarantee that the devices such as mobile, pads, or desktop computers utilised by viewers, readers, customers, users of Fixitgearware can display the colour accurately.

Fixitgearware reserves every rights , however not obliged , to restrict the sales of our by-products , consultation, services to persons, geolocation, countries. Fixitgearware can exercise this rights on a case-by-case basis. Fixitgearware reserves the right to determine the volume of services, consultation, and products that it offers. Services, consultation, and products price listing are subjected to change at any time without a prior notification, at the sole description of Fixitgearware.

 It should be noted that Fixitgearware has rights to discontinue services, consultation, and product at any time. Offers for various services, consultation, products made on Fixitgearware is not to be considered if discontinued. However there is no guarantee that the service, consultation, products or any other resources purchased or acquired by viewers, readers, customers, users will meet your expectations, or that any discrepancies in the services will be corrected.





Fixitgearware reserves the total rights to decline any orders placed by viewers, readers, customers, users on/through its website. We are obliged by our discretion, decline or restrict the quantities ordered per customers.  Restriction is but not limited to orders placed by or  within the same customer account, billing information, credit card and account billing address.  In the case of cancellation of an order, Fixitgearware will attempt to notifying through email notifications, and contact details provided in your billing information.  Fixitgearware determines the possibilities of limiting or declining orders that, are at our sole discretion which has been placed on the direct services devoid of third affiliate products we provide. You hereby accept the terms to make provision up to date information with great accuracy, such information inclusive of your email address information, and other billing information required at the point of purchase done on Fixitgearware, this is to enable the completion of transactions done by you, and subsequently contacting you as needed. For further clarification, you are advised to review the Return Policy.





Fixitgearware may make provision access to third-party tools, by which we have no authorisation to monitor nor have any jurisdiction of any sort of control or input. Viewers, users , readers , customers are hereby agreeing that such services and tools are made provision “ as is “ and “ as available “ without guarantees, on any form of representation or situation of any kind, without endorsements. Fixitgearware has no sort of liability whatsoever of any kind which arises from or related to the  viewers, users , readers , customers use of non-mandatory tools. Usage of the non-mandatory tools offered on Fixitgearware’s website, is at the sole risk of  the viewers, users , readers , customers and hence advised to be familiar with , and authorisation of terms and conditions which tools are provided by various third-party providers. We may also, in the nearest future, decide to offer new services and/or features on this website ( not excluding the release of updated tools and resources ). Updates and features will be governed by these Agreement of Service.





Some contents, services, and products made available on Fixitgearware, via our Store may consist of materials or products from affiliated third party organisation or websites. Be informed that these  merchant links, may redirect you to third party affiliate partners websites, that are not affiliated with us. Fixitgearware should not be held responsible for examining or evaluation of the content or accuracy and we however do not grant any and should never be held liable or responsible for any third-party materials or websites, or any form of materials, products, or services rendered by such third parties.  Fixitgearware is not responsible for any dangers or damages with regards to the purchase or use of goods, services, resources, contents, or any other transacted businesses made with the said third-party website. Viewers, users , readers , customers are hereby informed to carefully review such third party’s agreement and policies and ensure they do understand every sentences before partaking in any transaction of any kind. Reporting, Filing for claims, concerns, or FAQ with regards to the third-party, should be directed to the third-party.





In the case of viewers, users , readers , customers sending certain submission ( for example regarding the functionality of our website ), or without a formal request from Fixitgearware send ideas regarding creativity, suggestions on flexibility and security, sketches , proposals, plans or any form of materials, via online or by email, postal mailing system, or any form ( unanimous ‘comments’ ),  viewers, users , readers , customers agree that Fixitgearware may at any given time, without limitations, copy-edit, distribute, publish, or translate without restriction transliterate and otherwise utilise in any form the comments forwarded by viewers, users , readers , customers. Fixitgearware is not under any oath or obligation to (A.) Withhold any comments in confidence (B.) Make payments for any comments; (C.) Reply to any comments. However comments maybe but not under obligations, monitored, edited, removed if found repulsive, unlawful, offensive, libellous, threatening, defamatory, containing any pornographic elements, awful, obnoxious, or in any way violates any third party’s intellectual property or its Terms of Services.


Viewers, users , readers , customers agree that comments made would not and will not violate any right of any third-party, not excluding copyright, trademark, privacy, personality or other forms of personal or propriety rights. Viewers, users , readers , customers agrees that comments made will not contain offensive otherwise unlawful, abusive or dangerous contents/materials, or contain any malware or computer virus that will in any way obstruct the services provided by Fixitgearware or any related web-contents. Viewers, users , readers , customers agrees not to use any false email addresses, nor pretending through false identity , or mislead Fixitgearware through third-parties, as regards to the origin of any sort of comments made. Viewers, users , readers , customers are fully responsible for such comments made and the accuracy thereof. Fixitgearware is not to be held accountable nor assume responsibility , liability of any comments posted by viewers, users , readers , customers, or any third-party.





Viewers, users , readers , customers submission of private information’s and data, through the report email : [email protected] is governed by our Privacy Policies.





On occasions, certain information’s on this website or in the services may consists of typographical errors, discrepancies, inaccuracy, exclusion that may involve to product details, pricing offers, promotional offers, Delivery cost, and transit times availability. Fixitgearware reserves every rights to make correction on any discrepancies, inaccuracy, exclusion, change or any form of update of information, cancelling orders if the information provided or made available in the services or any proximate website at any time without a prior notice ( not excluding after viewers, users , readers , customers have placed their orders ). Fixitgearware is not obliged to update , modify, amend or clarify information’s provided  in the services or on any website, including without restriction, information pricing, an exception are required by the Judiciary law. No specific update or refresh date applicable in the services or on any related website, should be taken to specify that all information’s in the service or related website has been modified or updated.





Fixitgearware in addition to other prohibition as set described in the Terms of Service, viewers, users , readers , customers are prohibited from using this website or its contents: (1.) for any unlawful intentions (2.) to request others to contribute or perform in any unlawful acts; (3.) to go against any local, international, federal , state regulations, rules, laws. (4.) To infringe upon or go against Fixitgearware intellectual property rights or the intellectual property rights of others. (5.) To bully, abuse, insult, defame, forcefully accuse, or discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, religious believes, ethnicity, race , age, country of origin , or disability. (6.) Submission of false or misleading information (7.) uploading or transmitting worms, malware, or viruses or any other malicious code that will or may be used in any way , and will disrupt the functionality or operations of the services or of any related websites, or similar services on this website, or the world wide web (8.) to retrieve personal information of others (9.) to phish, spam, pharming, pretext, bots usage, crawl, scrape (10.) for any illegal purposes or gross misconduct (11.) to breach or circumvent the security features of the services or any related websites , or the world wide web. Fixitgearware reserves the sole rights to terminate viewers, users , readers , customers use of the services or any related website for going against any of the prohibited usage.





Fixitgearware do not in any way guarantee, represent or agree that the use of the services will be uninterrupted, time accurately, secure or free from errors. Fixitgearware do not guarantee that information’s that would be obtained from the services rendered will be accurately trusted or perfectly reliable. Viewers, users , readers , customers agree that from time to time, Fixitgearware may delete the services for indefinite duration or cancel the services at any time, without notifying viewers, users , readers ,and customers. Viewers, users , readers , customers swiftly agree that the use of , or restriction from using, the services is at their sole risk.

 All services and all products delivered to viewers, users , readers , customers are ( with exception to what is stated by Fixitgearware ) provided ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ for viewers, users , readers , customers use, without any sort of representation , warranties or any sort of conditions, by express or stated, including all stated warranties or conditions of saleability, saleable quality, recommended for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.  In no circumstances shall Fixitgearware, the entire team of directors, employees, officers, affiliates, agents , interns, or anybody employed under Fixitgearware be held responsible for any claim, loss, or injury, or any direct , indirect, penitentiary, special, or consequential damages resulting to any kind, not excluding limitation of losses in benefits, losses in revenue, losses in savings, losses in data, or any form of replacement cost, there with similar damages, whether contract based , negligence, strict reliability or otherwise, arising due to the use of any of the services or products purchased during the use of Fixitgearware website, or any sort of claim related in any way to viewers, users , readers , customers of the services or any product, in addition, but not restricted to any errors or omitted contents, or loss resulting to damage of any kind inherited as a. result of the use of the services or any kind of content ( or product ) displayed, transmitted, or otherwise made available via the service, even if recommended of their possibilities. However some states, or Jurisdiction, do not allow the exclusion or limit the liability for consequential or damages that are incidental, in such location, Fixitgearware liability shall be limited to the maximum extent permissible by the law of that jurisdiction.





Viewers, users , readers , customers hereby are agreeing to indemnify, defend and hold Fixitgearware, and its subsidiaries, parent, affiliate, partners, directors, agents, officers, contractors, service providers, licensors, subcontractors, interns, employees, and suppliers harmless from any claim or demand there with, including certain attorney fees, made by any third-party as a result to or arising out of the breach by viewers, users , readers , customers of these Terms of Service or the documents incorporated by reference, or violation of any kind of law or rights of a third-party.





In the future event, that provisions of these Terms of Service is discovered to be unlawful, unenforceable, such provision shall nevertheless be enforceable to its maximum extent permitted by laws that are applicable, and the enforceable part shall be deemed to be severed from these Terms of Service, such determination shall not affect the validity and enforceability  of the rest of the remaining provisions.





The responsibility and liabilities of the parties incurred before the date of termination shall survive the termination/cancellation shall survive the cancellation of this agreement for all purposes.  The terms if Service are fully effective except, and until terminated by either viewers, users , readers , customers or Fixitgearware. Viewers, users , readers , customers may terminate these Terms of Service at any specific time by notifying Fixitgearware that they no longer desire to continue the use of our services, or when viewers, users , readers , customers ceasing accessing the website.  If in our conclusion viewers, users , readers , customers fail, or Fixitgearware discovers that the mentioned have failed to adhere with any terms or provision of these Terms of Service, Fixitgearware can also terminate this agreement at any specific time without notice, and viewers, users , readers , customers will remain responsible for all cost due up to and including the date of termination; or/and accordingly may deny viewers, users , readers , customers access to the Services rendered on this website ( or any part thereof).





The failure there-of for Fixitgearware to exercise or enforce any rights or provisions of these Terms of Service shall not authorise or constitute a wavier resulting to such rights or provision. These Terms of Service and any policies or working rules posted by Fixitgearware on this website or in respect The services comprising of the entire agreement and understanding between viewers, users , readers , customers and Fixitgearware, which governs the use of services , superseding any beforehand or contemporaneous agreements, communications, and bids, either oral or written, between viewers, users , readers , customers, and Fixitgearware ( inclusive, but not restricted to, any prior versions of the Terms of Service). Any uncertainty in the interpretation of these Terms of Service shall not be elucidated against the drafting team.





These terms of service as well as any separate agreements whereby provided for viewers, users , readers , customer Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of , , .





Viewers, users , readers , customers can review the updated version of the Terms of Service at any time on this page dedicated to the Terms of Services. Fixitgearware, reserves the right, at our discretion, to keep up to date, modify or replace any section of these Terms of Service by placing updates and changes on this website. It is the duty of the viewers, users , readers , customers to check our privacy and policy  periodically for changes. Viewers, users , readers , customers continuous use of Fixitgearware  or the Services following the postings or any modification to these Terms of Service constitutes agreement to those changes.





Questions regarding the Terms of Service should be sent to us at : [email protected]