Episode-03: Features Questions on Api, Risk Assessment, Asset Evaluation, Web Attacks, and more….


  1. What tool is best for Testing API’s ?

           A. Wireshark.

           B. Nmap.

           C. Postman.

           D. G-Hydra.

           E. A,B & C. 

           F. None of the Above.

      Answer: (Option C).

  1. You’re a cybersecurity expert that works for Metro Mars Bank.  You were able to identify and triage the risk facing the bank, and its likelihood to cause damage. What term describes the situation carried out by you, if there is a likely hood that the organization resources would be impacted.

           A. Threat. 

           B. Threat Vector. 

           C. Risk. 

           D. Risk Assessment.

           E.  All of the above.

           F.  None of the above.

    Answer: (Option D).

  1. You have finally analyzed the risk of  Metro Mars Bank.  By what criteria would you rank the risk discovered during your assessment?

           A. Likelihood of Occurrence.

          B.  Threat Vector.

          C.  Vulnerability.

          D.  Impact.

          E.  A & D.

          F.  None of the Above.

   Answer: (Option E).

  1. After ranking the risk discovered in metro bank, you then proceed to estimate monetary value of the various facilities of the bank. What criteria best describes the asset evaluation ?

           A.  Asset Value (AV).

           B.  Original Cost (AC).

           C.  Depreciating Cost (DC).

           D.  Replacement Cost (RC).

           E.  All of the Above.

           F.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option E).

Episode 3-Video: A Detailed Description breaking down these Answers….


  1. What web application vulnerability attack targets internal systems, which are not usually accessible from the outside network?

           A.  SQL-Injection.

           B.  CSRF.

           C.  XSS.

           D.  SSRF.

           E. All of the Above.

           F.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option D).

  1. You are the chief head cryptographer of Mars Bank; you are asked to develop a messaging for internal communication. However, the bank is on a budget, and wants you to implement an encryptions that both encrypts and decrypts message faster. Which encryption mechanism best suites this project ?

          A.  Asymmetric.

         B.  Symmetric.

         C.  Hashing.

         D.  A & B.

         E.  All of the Above.

         F.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option B).

  1. Which of the RAM Size is the perfect RAM, that would yield a very High Performance in a computer system?

          A.  8.0 Gigabytes.

          B.  80,000 Megabytes.

          C.  800,000,000kilobytes.

          D.  128 Gigabytes.

          E.  All of the Above.

          F.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option C).

  1. Which of the following code describes the “Main Function” in C-programming ?

         A.  echo.

         B.  int main ().

         C.  Printf.

         D.  Puts.

         E.  All of the Above.

         F.   None of the Above.

Answer: (Option B).

  1. In Active Directory, there are two types of forest implementation?

         A.  Single and Broad Forest.

         B.  Single and Double Forest.

         C.  Single and Additional Forest.

         D.  Single and Multiple Forests.

          E.  All of the Above.

         F.  None of the Above.

Answer: (Option D).

  1. A family of yours was scammed of their money, by their trusted friend. However few weeks later, they found out that their friend has posted a new picture of themselves via Instagram. You being the tech expert in the family , he decided to contact you, and gave you the picture posted by their untrusted friend, to see if you can be able to identify his present location. What tool is best to carryout the forensics on the image?

        A. OSINT.

        B. Ip2location.

        C. Latlong.net.

        D. Aircrack-ng.

        E. All of the Above.

        F.  None of The Above. 

Answer: (Option C).



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