July 19, 2024


       Privacy & Policies


1. How do we collect your Information ?


Each time you access Fixitgearware , our organization in union with our third party service provider will use a very sensitive method in tracking your navigation procedures. Fixitgearware uses these trails, to be able to provide the best technology products that suites your everyday needs, and providing advertisement that are adaptable to our customers, other sites, applications, landing place across all devices.

In order to achieve this, Fixitgearware alongside our third-party service providers, make use of tracking technologies to collect customers data responsibly , this comprises of data such as browser type, os ( Operating system ) type, country location our customers are surfing the web from, date timestamp, IP-address, flexibility and connection speed of their internet, pages accessed on our website, ads viewed on our website, topics mostly searched by our customers and that interests them.

External use of advanced tracking technologies by Third party providers is concerns to the privacy policy they utilise in rendering their services, and in no way related to Fixitgearware privacy policies, and hence we wouldn’t be held responsible or liable to such policies by the third party organisation.

2. How do we get your Consent ?


Visiting Fixitgearware your personal information’s such as email address, phone number, or visiting the affiliated links that we sell their products on Fixitgearware, we automatically accept that you consent to Fixitgearware extracting any relevant information, and using it subjected to us asking it, and utilising it for defined purposes under Fixitgearware, with regards to marketing, advertising. A direct request would be made by Fixitgearware to you, or documentation made available to you, with flexibility for you to decline.



3. In the case of future withdrawal of consent, how do I go about it ?


If you desire to back out, you have the rights to withdraw your consent from Fixitgearware from making future contact with you, the continuous collection , and any form of data usage at your will.  Emailing us[email protected] or
contact us in our public

social channels  @:


4. Fixitgearware Services


Fixitgearware will put in the best skills to ensure that the contents provided on our website, all services rendered are hosted on Fixitgearware Inc. for you our unique visitors. Your relevant Data such as Email, Phone number, passwords are stored on our Database. Data such as credit cards used in making purchases on our website are stored on the third party organization affiliated to us that manufacture these products, hence Fixitgearware is not responsible for any collection of data such as credit cards. As well as we only market products of trusted affiliated partners, and as such your credit card details and billing information’s are  stored by them on their secured Database, with your authorization and consent this is only for future purchase, you also have the choice to opt out from your data being stored as well, when requested.



5. Payment Information’s



Reports of payments made, products, services requested on Fixitgearware as well as necessary billing information are provided to Fixitgearware by our third-party organization, this information’s are devoid of your credit card information’s, they only comprises of purchasing histories, billing address, and relevant information, which will never comprise of your credit card information’s.  Your transaction information’s are stored by our third party organizations, during the period your purchase transaction is still ongoing, as well as warranty policy, hasn’t expired, devoid of these stated in payment information policies your transaction Information is deleted.

Information’s regarding our customer payment adhere to the standards set by the billing companies rendering to their billing information’s, and managed by the said organization. This is based on our knowledge on the information’s provided by our third party, hence Fixitgearware wouldn’t be held accountable to any deviation of the said policies. In any future or change of their billing policies information’s, Fixitgearware will update its terms and condition’s accordingly.










6. Information about our third party affiliate service providers.


The necessary third party organisation adopted by Fixitgearware for every services, and affiliate products, only collect information’s , utilise, and disclose them to a moderate extent necessary to enable them render the services they provide for Fixitgearware efficiently.

In regards to the services they provide to us, such as their payment gateway methods adopted , and all related payment transaction processing procedures, their policies would be varied in respect to the information you provide to them in completing any services done through Fixitgearware. Each time you are redirected to their payment platform, we advise you to read concisely and thoroughly the privacy policies stated by the said affiliated organisations.

Specifically, note that beyond doubt the third party service providers might characteristically be located as well as their facilities positioned in certain countries bound by strict legal rights, beyond the control of you, or Fixitgearware. However it is our responsibility to “ inform you ” that proceeding to partake in or make transactions with the third party organizations affiliated to Fixitgearware, then beyond reasonable doubt, that your information will be subjected to the jurisprudence were the third party infrastructure is located.

For instance : If your transaction is done in Poland either by country of birth, residence, or maybe on vacation or any other personal purposes, and the affiliated third party businesses with Fixitgearware billing services are done in Australia, it should be known to your full disclosure of your information, to the Australian FOI ( Freedom of Information ),privacy laws, and consumer data rights.

Furthermore, once you are redirected from Fixitgearware, to our trusted affiliated third party service providers, Fixitgearware is not to be held responsible for the consumer data rights, or requisite agreement.


             7. Affiliate link redirection

Upon clicking on the links provided on the store section of Fixitgearware, you will be redirected away from our portal, hence Fixitgearware should not be held responsible in any way for the consumer data rights of the third party affiliate or any other website. However we sincerely encourage you, to read carefully the privacy policies provided by the third party affiliate.


8. Security of your Information


To ensure our distinguish readers and content viewers are secured, as well as the information’s they provide for us we adopt the best security measures in place such as SSL and TLS to guarantee the security on our website, and to ensure that information such as email address, residential address, phone number, password stored from users registration section are safe, our database is provided by the most secured services of best quality. We will constantly keep our database were these information’s are stored updated to protect your personal data, and prevent it from any form of cyber-attack.



9. Cookies and Session observation

Fixitgearware utilises certain cookies to monitor events and session on our website. This is to enable us to provide optimum services to our users. However to ensure that our users have the option to choose their privacy, there is a flexibility for users to enable or disable sessions of cookies to be accepted.

_session_id : distinctive token , which allows sessional, enables Fixitgearware users to be identified in case there is a need to rectify their account events. Fixitgearware stores such session on our Database. It may include referral pages, and as well redirected pages from our users.

_fixitgearware_visit : Users data related to just visiting Fixitgearware are not held after 1-hr continuous from previous visit, this data allows us to track the number of visits by our users.

_fixitgearware_uniq : Users data are not held, 24-hrs after last visit ( subjected to the visitor ) if the same visit is made the next day, and counts the number of visits to a particular page or topic by a single user. Third party affiliate link or merchandise purchased repeated in a period of 14-days, stores information of the merchandised purchased most by Fixitgearware visitors.




Your choice of visiting Fixitgearware, you agree that you are of the age of consent of the adulthood in your country and state of residence, and you have agreed to grant us the consent to enable and utilise any of the contents of Fixitgearware and also grant Fixitgearware the authorisation to use the data on our website.