Apple Watch Series & iPhone 15-Models:September 2023 in Depth.

The Apple event kicked off precisely at 1:00 AM PDT on September 12th (potentially the 13th in some regions). It featured heartfelt and moving testimonials from individuals worldwide who shared their life-changing experiences with the Apple Watch. They spoke about how this device has saved them from life-threatening situations, such as alerting emergency services, to connecting with loved ones, and mobilizing rescue teams for their assistance.

Some standout moments from these experiences include those shared by individuals.

Here are some of the notable experiences:

The standout moments from these testimonials, were retrieved from Apple.

Tasha Prescott: Her Apple Watch alerted her to a low heart rate, prompting her to seek immediate medical attention, ultimately leading to vital pacemaker surgery.

Antonio Femiano: Caught in a blizzard and experiencing hypothermia, he used the emergency SOS feature on his iPhone to call for help via satellite, resulting in his rescue.

Stephen Watts: While miles away from the trail during a rappelling expedition, he utilized the emergency SOS feature on his iPhone to request an airlift to safety.

Omar Hashem: He suffered a seizure and crashed his car, but the Crash Detection feature on his iPhone automatically called 911, even while he was unconscious.

Imani Miles: Her Apple Watch detected a high heart rate, which ultimately led to the discovery and removal of a tumour, resulting in her being cancer-free.

Masahiko limura: His Apple Watch identified an irregular heart rate, prompting necessary surgery to address severe heart arrhythmia.

Jess Kelly: Her Apple Watch alerted her to a high heart rate, and as a result, she was rushed to the emergency room, ultimately saving both her life and her baby’s life.

The next segment of the event commenced with a virtual tour of Apple’s Menlo Park headquarters, where CEO Tim Cook delivered an engaging introduction and outlined what the event would encompass. He expressed his excitement, saying:

“We are so excited that you can join us today, for a big announcement about two essential products Apple watch and iPhone-nothing is more important than saving lives, and it is amazing to see all the ways how people use apple watch and iPhone every day.”

Several updates were outlined regarding what to anticipate in the Mac and the Apple Vision Pro. This included a recap of information presented at WWDC 2023, which took place in June, along with testimonials from notable content creators like MKBHD.

He mentioned the significant interest the Vision Pro has generated within their developer community and conveyed their eagerness to showcase the results from their global developer labs. He went on to say:

“They are creating truly amazing experiences that wouldn’t be possible on any other platform. Our apple team is also making great progress with vision pro, and we are on track to ship early next year. We look forward to share apple vision pro, and its spatial experiences, with all of you.”

The subsequent segment of the event, which involved the unveiling of the Apple Watch, was entrusted to the Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Williams, who was tasked with outlining what could be anticipated. Tim emphasized that the latest Apple Watch Series 9 represents a significant advancement in the already powerful capabilities of the Apple Watch.

The Director of Apple Watch Product Marketing, Deidre Caldbeck, stepped onto the stage to detail the features and provide insights into what customers could expect.

She mentioned that Apple’s silicon is responsible for the remarkable capabilities integrated into every Apple Watch. By designing their own chips, and seamlessly integrating them with watchOS, they unlock groundbreaking features like advanced workout metrics, sleep tracking, and car crash detection. She further explained that the watch’s internal redesign, featuring the new S9 chip, significantly enhances its performance and capabilities.

What can you anticipate from the Apple Watch Series 9?

Apple users and fans are to anticipate more from the watch series 9.

                                                               The Apple watch series 9. Image-source: Apple

Previously, we shared an unverified report detailing potential features of the Series 9. However, it has now been officially confirmed that the Apple Watch Series 9 is equipped with a CPU boasting over 5.9 billion transistors, which is 60% more than the Watch Series 8. Additionally, the Series 9 GPU is 30% faster. Thanks to these hardware enhancements, the animation effects and display on the Series 9 appear exceptionally smooth. The S-9 also incorporates a four-core neural engine, capable of processing machine learning and tasks twice as quickly, while still supporting the watch’s ability to maintain an all-day 18-hour battery life.

The upgraded neural engine in Series 9 also enables Siri to process on-device actions more rapidly and securely. This means requests no longer need to rely on cloud processing, alleviating the challenges posed by weak Wi-Fi or cellular connections.

Furthermore, Series 9 boasts a 25% improvement in dictation accuracy compared to Series 8, thanks to the enhanced capabilities of the neural engine in running advanced transformer models.

The functions and capabilities of the on-device security processing in Series 9:

Apple stated that, the series 9 is said to come with unique capabilites, and multiple functions. 

  The series 9 allows users to ask a range of questions such as the duration of your sleep, whether you’ve taken your medications, your  current heart rate status, and more. Image-source: Apple

The secure on-device processing in Series 9 enables the introduction of new features, including the ability to access your health data using Siri. You can ask a range of questions such as the duration of your sleep, whether you’ve taken your medications, your current heart rate status, and more. The Siri health assistant will initially be available in English and Mandarin later this year, with additional languages to be added in future updates.

The new Apple Watch Series 9 comes preloaded with WatchOS 10:

With the introduction of watchOS 10 on the new Apple Series 9, users can easily utilize the ‘Name Drop’ feature to swiftly share their contact information with another person’s Apple Watch.

users can easily utilize the ‘Name Drop’ feature to swiftly share their contact information with another person’s Apple Watch. Image-source: Apple

Additionally, Apple has incorporated a new ‘Nearby’ feature in watchOS, enabling users to ping their iPhone. Series 9 is equipped with a second-generation ultra-wideband chip, which facilitates precise iPhone tracking. This chip not only helps users determine the distance and direction to their iPhone but also provides haptic feedback to guide them to its location, even if it’s in a different room.

The inclusion of the ultra-wideband chip brings about new integration capabilities, including support for the HomePod device, which allows media suggestions to appear on the Smart Tab of the Watch Series 9. It also enhances the ‘Now Playing’ feature for controlling existing media playback. The edge-to-edge display on the Series 9 enhances outdoor readability, with visuals reaching up to 2000 nits, doubling the brightness of the Watch Series 8. This display also offers excellent performance in low-light situations, such as a movie theatre, with support for brightness levels as low as 1 nit.

Engaging in tasks through gesture control on the Series 9 Watch:

The Series 9 also supports gesture control, such as the wrist graze, which illuminates the display when you glance at the time, read notifications, or view incoming calls. You can also cover the display to mute alerts. An additional feature has been introduced for scenarios when one hand is busy – the double-tap gesture. This involves tapping the index finger and thumb together twice, enabling users to both answer and end a call.

Moreover, the double-tap gesture serves as the primary button control within an app, allowing actions like stopping a timer, playing or pausing music, snoozing an alarm, or even taking a family photo.



                   The double-tap gesture allows actions such as taking a family photo, and more. Image-source: Apple

It also facilitates scrolling through the watch-series app widgets, similar to using the digital crown on the watch. This new gesture is made possible by the powerful neural engine of Series 9, which processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensors in an entirely new manner.

Gyroscope and Accelarometer.png

   The Series 9, processes data from the accelerometer, gyroscope, and optical heart sensors.  Image-source: Apple

It employs a machine algorithm to identify the distinct patterns of subtle movements and fluctuations in blood flow that occur when a user executes a double tap. This double tap enhances the user’s interaction with their watch, making it quicker, simpler, and more user-friendly.

                             Summary of the Apple watch series-9 components and features. Image-source: Apple


Release Date of the watch series 9:

The Series 9 watch is set to be released next month (October 2023), and will be offered in varieties. These include aluminium cases in colors like pink, starlight, silver, midnight, and product red, as well as stainless steel cases available in Gold, Silver, and graphite. Apple has emphasized that these new designs align with their environmental objectives, with presentations highlighting Apple’s commitment to green energy in the development of its new products.

Apple Net Zero 2030 Goal:

    Apple devices to achieve net-zero emissions by the end of 2030, seven years from now. Image-source: Apple

Apple has affirmed its commitment to a series of environmentally responsible initiatives. They have pledged to eliminate all plastics from their packaging by the end of the upcoming year. Furthermore, they are utilizing 100% recycled aluminium in the production of all their MacBook, Apple TV, and Apple Watch devices. Additionally, Apple is in the process of phasing out leather usage in their iPhone cases.

Apple proudly announced that they are currently powered by 100% clean electricity in all their retail stores, offices, and data centers, with all their office locations already achieving carbon neutrality. More than 300 of their suppliers have also committed to utilizing 100% clean, renewable electricity.

To reduce transportation emissions significantly, Apple is transitioning to ocean transport for all its products instead of air, resulting in a remarkable 95% reduction in transportation-related emissions. Apple is also investing in projects worldwide aimed at conserving soil, plants, and trees. They have initiated afforestation efforts in various countries, including Paraguay and Brazil, and have implemented mangrove planting in Colombia and grassland preservation in Kenya. Apple’s ultimate goal is to permanently remove carbon from the atmosphere, and they have already reduced their water usage by an impressive 63 billion gallons.

Tim Cook emphasized that Apple has undergone significant innovation and reengineering across its processes to minimize its environmental footprint. He articulated the company’s ambition for all Apple devices to achieve net-zero emissions by the end of 2030, which is just seven years away.

Lisa Jackson, Vice President of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, underscored Apple’s dual mission of creating beloved products while simultaneously safeguarding the planet. The overarching goal is ‘Apple 2030,’ wherein the company aims to achieve carbon neutrality across all its operations by 2030, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of all its products to net-zero.

The Series 9 proudly contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, focusing on three key areas: materials, electricity, and transportation. Apple’s commitment to using maximum recycled and renewable materials is central to achieving its ‘Apple 2030’ objectives, as these materials have a lower carbon impact compared to virgin resources. They have already incorporated 100% recycled aluminium into their watch cases, along with recycled gold, tin, copper, and tungsten. Furthermore, their batteries are crafted from 100% recycled cobalt. Apple has also redesigned the Apple Watch Sport Loop band to incorporate 82% recycled yarn, ensuring a comfortable texture. It’s worth noting that all Apple manufacturing processes are now powered by 100% clean electricity.

Apple has not only committed to reducing its carbon emissions but also pledged to match 100% of users’ electricity consumption through investments in renewable energy projects worldwide. The packaging for the Series 9 is reported to be made from sustainable fibre-based materials. Apple has transitioned its product transportation to sea routes, reducing carbon emissions associated with air shipping by 120 and resulting in an impressive 78% decrease in overall carbon emissions. The remaining emissions are being addressed through their support for reforestation and the restoration of plant life in various countries, ultimately driving Apple’s carbon emissions down to zero. To signify their commitment, Apple is affixing carbon-neutral logos to the packaging of their new products.

The FineWoven Wrist Band, a collaborative effort between Apple, Hermes, and Nike:

Apple introduced the FineWoven, boasting over 68% recycled materials. Additionally, Apple collaborated with Hermes to create four fresh wristband styles, including two elegant woven bands, their inaugural knitted band, and another in sporty molded rubber.

                                                             Apple FineWoven wrist band by hermes. Image-source: Apple

These new styles are complemented by the Hermes radial design on the watch face. Furthermore, Apple worked alongside Nike to design bands that repurpose excess materials and minimize waste.

                                               The Nike wrist Bands, come in different designs and colors. Image-source: Apple

The new Nike sports band features colourful flakes of recycled materials with a randomized pattern, making each band unique. These bands are available in a vibrant array of colors.

                                                                                   Image-source: Apple

Notably, the Series 9 includes a watch face that displays each passing second along the lines of the globe. This marks Apple’s first-ever carbon-neutral watch development.

                              The Series 9 includes a watch face that displays each passing second. Image-source: Apple

The Apple watch Ultra-2, a new Innovation with Powerpack functionalities:

The Apple Watch Ultra is touted as the most advanced Apple Watch, catering to those seeking a larger display, extended battery life, and a captivating design. The Apple Watch Ultra-2 brings forth an array of incredible new features.

The Ultra-2 provides precise location tracking with its second-generation ultra-wideband chip. Image-source: Apple

According to Apple Watch product design engineer Daniela Deschamps, the Apple Watch Ultra-2 is powered by the new S9 System in Package (SiP), which enables the innovative double-tap gesture recognition on the wearer’s hand. It also introduces the ability to set waypoints using your voice, courtesy of the new on-device Siri, even when not connected to the internet. The Ultra-2 provides precise location tracking with its second-generation ultra-wideband chip, ensuring you can always locate your phone, even when you can’t remember where you placed it.

One of the standout features of the Ultra-2 is its new display architecture, capable of achieving a remarkable brightness of 3000 nits. This represents the brightest display Apple has ever developed, ensuring that the Ultra-2 remains legible even in the most challenging sunlight conditions.

The Ultra-2 is its new display architecture, capable of achieving a remarkable brightness of 3000 nits. Image-source: Apple

A novel design element has been incorporated into the watch face, known as ‘Modular Ultra.’ This design harnesses the full potential of the display, presenting real-time information such as altitude, depth, and even the seconds as they pass. The Modular Ultra can be tailored to offer the most comprehensive glanceable information of any digital watch face ever crafted by Apple. Additionally, the Night Mode leverages ambient sensors to activate automatically in low-light conditions. The Ultra-2 features advanced metrics, a larger and brighter display, and precision dual-frequency GPS, making it an ideal choice for outdoor running enthusiasts.


Ultra-2 Night Mode leverages on ambient sensors to activate automatically in low-light conditions, and a good choice for outdoor activities. Image-source: Apple

The new watchOS on the Ultra-2 enables users to connect Bluetooth accessories for measuring cadence, speed, and power, enhancing their training experience. It introduces ‘Power Zones’ to help users optimize their workouts. When cycling while wearing the Ultra-2, it seamlessly tracks and displays your activity in real-time on your iPhone.

                                                    The Ultra-2 introduces ‘Power Zones’ to help users optimize their workouts.

Apple has designed the Ultra-2 for extreme usage, subjecting it to rigorous testing across a wide range of altitudes, spanning from as low as -500 meters to as high as 9000 meters. This makes it particularly suitable for underwater adventures, featuring an integrated Depth app that logs each session, allowing users to review their dives directly on the Ultra and in the fitness app on their iPhone.

The Ultra-2 boasts a battery life of up to 36 hours on a single charge and can extend to 72 hours in low-power mode. Furthermore, Apple has significantly increased the use of recycled materials in the watch case over the past year, transitioning from primarily virgin titanium to incorporating 95% recycled materials.

Jeff gave an opinion which he said:

“This dramatic improvement in material, along with our work in clean electricity and transportation, allowed us to meet our ambitious carbon reduction targets making an ultra-2 paired with an Alpine Loop or Trail Loop carbon neutral.”

The Trail Loop, Alpine Loop, and Ocean Band are available in an appealing assortment of fresh colors. The Ultra-2 joins the Series 9 in this lineup, alongside the highly sought-after second-generation Apple Watch SE. Apple has proudly announced that the Apple Watch SE is also carbon-neutral when paired with a Sport Loop, indicating that this autumn, Apple customers can choose a carbon-neutral model from the selection of new Apple Watches.

Tim cook stated that:

“The new Apple watch Series 9, and Apple Watch Ultra-2 comes with an incredible new capability; they’re the most technically advanced watches we’ve ever created. And I am really proud of the Apple Watch team, for delivering our first carbon neutral product seven years ahead of our companywide 2030 goal.”

The new iPhone 15, and 15-Plus a device with more advanced features:

                                                                    Varieties of the new iPhone 15-models. Image-source: Apple

The new iPhone 15 was introduced by none other than Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. 

Vice President of iPhone Product Marketing, Kaiann Drance, remarked:

“iPhone 15 has an all-new design that’s simply gorgeous, starting from the front, it has the dynamic island, which has been a hit with our pro users.”

Dynamic Island and Other features in the iPhone 15:

The Dynamic Island is known for its fluid expansion and ability to adapt to alerts and ongoing activities, delivering an experience so intuitive that it feels almost magical. This enhanced interface allows more users to effortlessly control their music or access navigation directions in Maps.

Apple’s developers have diligently expanded the capabilities of the Dynamic Island, offering users the ability to track their purchase orders, such as food items, while simultaneously keeping up with their favourite game show or other activities. Additional features encompass the convenience of viewing departure gate information for flights and the remaining time until boarding.

                                                                    The dynamic island in the iPhone-15. Image-source: Apple

This results in the Dynamic Island appearing stunning on the Super Retina XDR display, which incorporates OLED technology. It offers an exceptional viewing experience with slimmer borders, vibrant colors, and support for Dolby Vision, boasting a peak HDR brightness of up to 1600 nits. This enhances the capture and visual quality of HDR photos and videos. When exposed to direct sunlight, the peak brightness can reach up to 2000 nits, which is twice as bright as the iPhone 14. These displays are available in two sizes: 6.1 inches for the iPhone 15 and 6.7 inches for the iPhone 15 Plus.

                                                                                             Image-source: Apple

The iPhone 15 Plus offers more screen space for easier readability, especially when users choose larger text settings. Both the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus feature a new contoured edge design on the aerospace-grade aluminium enclosure, providing users with a pleasant tactile experience when holding the device.

Notably, the iPhone 15 model is the first smartphone ever designed by Apple to have color embedded throughout a single piece of durable, color-infused glass. Apple employed metallic ions to integrate color into the material’s core, allowing precise control of saturation and resulting in five stunning color options: Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black. The new model has undergone an enhanced dual ion-exchange process and has been further refined with nano-crystalline particles. It has been meticulously edged to achieve a textured matte finish that offers an incredible tactile sensation. Additionally, the iPhone 15 is equipped with a ceramic shield, which is more resilient than any other smartphone glass. It is also designed to be water and dust resistant.

To underscore its commitment to sustainability, the iPhone 15 features an enclosure made from 75% recycled aluminium. Furthermore, it incorporates 100% recycled cobalt in the battery and utilizes 100% recycled copper foil in the main logic board and Magsafe charger.

The iPhone-15 comes with a revamped CAMERA Design Suitable for PHOTOGRAPHY:

The iPhone 15 introduces a revamped camera system that significantly enhances its photography capabilities. The primary camera boasts an impressive 48 MP resolution, equipped with a quad-pixel sensor and 100% focus pixels for rapid autofocus. This empowers Apple users to capture high-resolution photos with exceptional detail.

                                                                                                       Image-source: Apple

With the new sensor’s 12 MP capability, Apple has introduced a 2x telephoto option that excels in capturing both photos and 4K videos with optical precision. This is managed by the front camera, endowing the new iPhone with a 1.6 focal length aperture and sensor-shift optical image stabilization, enabling users to capture exceptional photos even in low-light conditions. Apple has also retained the zoom-in and zoom-out functionality in the new iPhone.

Furthermore, the 2x Telephoto lens offers continuous zooming capabilities while recording videos with the new iPhone, allowing users to frame their scenes with cinematic precision in 4K cinematic mode.”

Maryam Azimi Hashemi, the Image Quality Engineer, explained:

“This year, we’re introducing the next generation of portraits on iPhone-Portraits will get richer color and great low light performance, which uses a rich depth map to create a beautiful bokeh effect, and zero shutter lag. Portrait photos has become better; using machine learning, we can detect when there’s a person in the frame, and capture rich depth information automatically.”

The new iPhone is equipped with an intricate depth map, providing users with focus and depth control, enabling them to shift focus between subjects even after the portrait photo has been taken. This feature also ensures that photos taken in low-light conditions exhibit greater clarity, sharper details, and more vibrant colors.

                                                  The iPhone 15 is powered by the A16 Bionic chip. Image-source: Apple

The Smart HDR functionality expands its capabilities in well-lit environments, delivering a broader perspective with vivid colors and precise rendering. The iPhone 15 is powered by the A16 Bionic chip, which made its debut in the iPhone 14 Pro. This custom image signal processor within the Bionic chip empowers the advanced camera system, allowing users to capture stunning, high-resolution photos and videos.

Bionic Chip in the iPhone 15-Models:

The Bionic chip is also equipped with a 16-core neural engine, responsible for tasks ranging from computational photography to live voicemail transcription, all while prioritizing user privacy. The 5-core GPU boasts 50% greater memory bandwidth compared to the A15 chip, enhancing the gaming experience for graphics-intensive games. The 6-core CPU features two high-performance cores that are not only faster but also consume 20% less power than the A15 Bionic chip. The additional 4 high-efficiency cores effortlessly handle everyday tasks, ensuring prolonged battery life.

Apple has revealed that the iPhone 15 Plus is fitted with a larger, longer-lasting battery, making it ideal for users to engage in a variety of daily activities such as gaming, web browsing, and FaceTime calls.

Deniz Teoman, the Vice President for Hardware Systems Engineering, commented:

“The iPhone was the first smartphone with Ultra-Wideband which is great for identifying where your keys are hiding in the couch. Ultra-Wideband is getting even better this year, because just like apple watch, iPhone 15 has our cutting-edge second generation Ultra-Wideband chip.”


This will enable the iPhone 15 to establish connections with devices located up to three times farther away.

Deniz stated:

“This chip also opens up completely new way to use precision finding on iPhone 15, to locate friends when one is in a crowded place like a train station or a farmer’s market, and your friends share their location, you will be guided right to them, with clear directions and distance. It is built into Find My, so it has all the same privacy protections that users have come to trust.”


Audio call quality and SOS emergency via Apple satellites:

Users can anticipate exceptional 5G performance and high-quality audio calls on the new iPhone 15, thanks to an advanced machine learning model that automatically prioritizes the user’s voice. This model is also capable of isolating voices in noisy environments.

In situations where your call may not connect, such as when you’re off the grid or in emergencies, iPhone has introduced a groundbreaking new service called Emergency SOS via satellite.

The new Road-Side assistance, via satellite communications. Image-source: Apple

This service has had a significant impact, including aiding first responders in locating and rescuing individuals after accidents and natural disasters. It also enables users to notify their loved ones by sharing their location via satellite through Find My, spanning from the Shetland Islands in Scotland to Mount Wellington in Tasmania.

The Emergency SOS and Find My via satellite services have expanded to cover over 14 countries across three continents, and they are scheduled to launch in Spain and New Zealand later this month.

The Emergency SOS and Find My via satellite services, now available in 14-countries, across 3-continents. Image-source: Apple

Deniz said:

“The emergency SOS was built for serious emergencies that requires a first responder. But say you have car trouble or no cellular or Wi-Fi service, for those times we are introducing Roadside Assistance via satellite.”

The roadside assistance satellite is constructed using the same cutting-edge technology as Apple’s existing satellite service, ensuring user-friendliness. Users can simply send a text message with their request for roadside assistance, specifying the type of help they require. An intuitive interface will then guide them to establish a connection with a satellite and share their information with a roadside assistance provider. This allows the provider to communicate directly with the user and dispatch assistance to their precise location.

The Emergency SOS service is set to debut in the United States initially, in collaboration with AAA, America’s largest roadside assistance provider. Roadside service coverage will be included for those with AAA memberships and separately available for non-members.

Kaiann said:

“We are thrilled to include access to these satellite services, free for two years with the iPhone 15 models. These best-in-class wireless capabilities keep you connected when you’re on the go.”

           The satellite services, is said to run for free for a period of 2-years on all iPhone 15-models. Image-source: Apple

The new iPhone 15-models comes with USB-C, Complying to the EU Standards:

The iPhone connector serves a variety of functions, including charging, data synchronization, and connecting to accessories. Apple has introduced the USB-C as a universally accepted standard, and it is now included in the iPhone 15. The USB-C is a versatile and multi-functional connector that can handle tasks such as charging, data transfer, and audio and video playback. Moreover, the USB-C is capable of charging not only the Mac, iPad, and iPhone but also the latest AirPods Pro 2nd generation.

The USB-C is a versatile and multi-functional connector that can handle tasks such as charging, data transfer, and audio and video playback. Image-source: Apple

The Magsafe and new Pouch designs for the iPhone 15:

The iPhone 15 is equipped with a Magsafe system that incorporates magnets made from 100% recycled rare earth elements. These magnets ensure precise alignment of the Magsafe or Qi2 chargers, as well as other accessories like cases and wallets. Apple has also made the transition to using FineWoven materials in their pouch production, completely eliminating leather. This move has led to a reduction in carbon emissions when compared to leather production.

Magsafe system on the iPhone 15-models, incorporates magnets made from 100% recycled rare earth elements. Image-source: Apple

FineWoven materials are now employed in Apple’s silicone and clear cases, all designed to complement the new iPhone 15.

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 plus pricing:

                                                                                 Image-source: Apple

The iPhone 15 begins at a price point of $799 with 128GB of memory, whereas the 15 Plus starts at $899 with 128GB of memory. Additionally, the company has announced attractive offers for its partners, such as a discount of up to $800 in the United States when they trade in their iPhone 11 or newer models.

In a commentary made by Apple CEO Tim Cook, he said:

“iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are truly incredible, with new capabilities, which make a real difference in our users’ lives. Their unique combination of powerful technology, ease of use, and thoughtful design make them indispensable-Our pro models represent the very best of Apple innovations, advancing features across design camera, performance, and more.”

The iPhone 15-Pro and 15-Pro Max Model:

The senior vice president Worldwide marketing Greg Joz Joswiak, stated that:

“iPhone 15 Pro is packed with industry-first innovations, and features our users are going to Love. Powered by our most advanced Apple silicon yet, it delivers the most incredible photos and videos.”

                                                                                                         Image-source: Apple

The utilization of titanium in the iPhone 15 Pro makes it the lightest among Apple’s Pro models. Additionally, Apple has announced the introduction of the slimmest borders ever seen on an iPhone, allowing them to reduce the overall size of the device without compromising the display size. This design adjustment enhances the device’s portability.

            Titanium in the iPhone 15 Pro makes it the lightest and slimmest among Apple’s Pro models. Image-source: Apple

The iPhone 15 Pro features the most durable glass-based materials in the industry, including the exclusive ceramic shield on the front. The iPhone 15 Pro is available in two distinct sizes: 6.1 inches for the iPhone 15 Pro and 6.7 inches for the 15 Pro Max.

According to the Material Science Engineer Isabel Yang:

“Every material we choose for the iPhone is meticulously considered, for iPhone 15-Pro, we have re-evaluated every structural component, inside and out, optimizing our alloy selection and creating a breakthrough innovation in manufacturing and material design.”

The new enclosure incorporates Grade 5 titanium, an alloy known for its superior tensile strength, surpassing that of pure titanium. This alloy is typically employed in situations where a combination of strength, formability, and weight balance is of utmost importance.

Isabel stated:

“This is the same alloy used on the Mars rover.”

Titanium boasts one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios among metals, delivering exceptional durability for the iPhone while allowing for a significantly lighter design compared to stainless steel.

The titanium enclosure houses new aluminium substructures, which are securely bonded through a groundbreaking solid-state diffusion process—an industry-first innovation. This novel thermomechanical method effectively joins these two metals with remarkable strength. Employing aluminium on the interior enhances synergistic properties with the titanium enclosure, aiding in thermal dissipation and further reducing weight.

The titanium finish also introduces a refined brushed texture achieved through a meticulous multi-step process involving precision machining, sanding, brushing, and blasting. Rather than opting for anodization, Apple has chosen to use PVD coating for added protection and color introduction. Apple emphasizes that the engineered coatings are executed with nanometer precision and require up to 14 hours to complete.

The titanium design is available in four captivating colors: Black titanium and white titanium complement the back glass elegantly, while blue titanium accentuates the material’s sophistication, and natural titanium celebrates its inherent metallic essence.

                                       The titanium design is available in four captivating colors. Image-source: Apple

Furthermore, the titanium model incorporates a novel internal chassis architecture that enhances repairability. The new structural frame design simplifies the replacement of the back glass, making the iPhone more serviceable.

 Isabel informed that:

“The entire aluminium sub-structure is made with 100% recycled aluminium, a first for iPhone contributing towards the overall increase in recycled materials, as they work towards their 2030 goals.”

Joz further elaborated on an exciting design feature in the iPhone 15 Pro. Since the inception of the very first iPhone, we have had the iconic ring/silent switch—a convenient way to mute iPhone sounds. We were determined to enhance this experience, and with the iPhone 15 Pro, we are introducing a customizable action button. By default, it retains its original function as a simple ring/silent switch; a press and hold confirm your intention to toggle between ring and silent modes.

     In addition, users can now experience distinct haptic feedback for each state and have the flexibility to select from a range of actions, easily switching between them. For instance, a quick press of the button can initiate a voice memo to swiftly capture a new idea, launch the camera to capture important moments, activate a preferred accessibility feature like Live Speech, or utilize shortcuts to access an even broader array of options.

The action button brings added convenience and versatility to the iPhone experience, allowing users to do everything from launching their favourite apps to running custom shortcuts. With every interaction, users receive visual feedback through the dynamic island and the advanced Pro display of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Elaborating more on the dynamic island, Apple has introduced the Super Retina XDR display, which offers smooth performance with Pro-Motion, vibrant colors and extreme dynamic range, as well as the convenience of an always-on display. Furthermore, Apple has introduced a new feature called “Standby” with iOS 17. When you place your iPhone on its side while it’s charging, it activates a full-screen experience. Standby on the iPhone 15 Pro remains persistently on to display useful information, making it ideal for use on a kitchen counter, for example. Users can also choose a simple digital clock or customize their view with multiple widgets.

The A-17 Pro Bionic Chip:

                                                                  Image-source: Apple

Apple expressed its excitement in bringing next-level performance and an array of pro capabilities to users with the A-17 Pro.

The Vice President Silicon Engineering Group Sribalan Santhanam, stated:

“That the A-series chip powers every experience on iPhone, for iPhone 15 Pro, we developed a new generation of Apple silicon that is a major step forward, which changes throughout the entire chip, including a breakthrough new GPU.”

The new chip is crafted with state-of-the-art transistor technology, marking the industry’s first 3-nanometer chip and employing cutting-edge extreme ultraviolet lithography. These transistors are remarkably tiny, with elements just over 12 silicon atoms wide. However, the A-17 Pro takes it to the next level with a staggering 19 billion of these transistors. This advanced design is set to enhance the Pro’s performance, efficiency, and feature set.

Inside the A-17, you’ll find a 6-core CPU with micro-architectural and design improvements for both performance and efficiency cores. The performance cores are 10% faster, delivering the fastest single-threaded performance in any smartphone, rivalling even high-end desktop PCs. Additionally, the A-17 includes 4 high-efficiency cores, offering three times the performance per watt compared to competitors.

                                                                                           Image-source: Apple

The A-17 Pro boasts a neural engine that is twice as fast, running on 16 cores to support machine learning models. This allows it to process an impressive 35 trillion operations per second. Importantly, this neural engine conducts machine learning on the device itself, ensuring user privacy by not sending personal data to the cloud. This results in powerful features like more accurate Autocorrect, precise subject isolation in photos, and personalized voices for those at risk of speech loss.

Furthermore, the A-17 Pro chip is equipped with a ProRes Codec and a display engine that powers ProMotion and the Always-On display. Apple has also added a dedicated AV1 decoder for more efficient and higher-quality video streaming experiences on services.In the iPhone 15-Pro models, the A-17 Pro chip includes a USB controller that offers new and enhanced workflows not seen in previous iPhone models. This iPhone features USB 3 speeds of up to 10 gigabits per second with an optional USB 3 cable, making it 20 times faster than USB 2.

Apple has introduced a brand-new GPU with a revolutionary shader architecture, calling it a Pro-Class GPU – the most significant design advancement in Apple GPUs to date. This GPU expands the possibilities for the iPhone and takes it to new heights.

Apple’s focus in designing the A-17 chip was threefold: improving performance and efficiency, handling complex applications seamlessly, and introducing new rendering features.

A-17 Pro GPU Gives a perfect game rendering:

The new GPU has evolved into a 6-core design, delivering up to a 20% boost in peak performance. To enable games to create detailed environments while conserving power, Apple has incorporated Mesh shading. Additionally, Apple has integrated hardware-accelerated ray tracing, providing the fastest ray-tracing performance of any smartphone.

In previous gaming experiences without ray tracing, cube maps were employed to approximate reflections on surfaces, resulting in less accurate and realistic light reflection within the scene.


                                                                                                Image-source: Apple

In the new chip, scenes with ray-traced reflections offer a more precise representation of how light behaves and interacts with the environment. With hardware-accelerated ray tracing, the A-17 Pro can smoothly run these scenes at significantly higher frame rates compared to software-based ray tracing, enhancing the immersion of games and AR applications.

Furthermore, the A-17 Pro is highly energy-efficient and can perform up to four times faster than software-based ray tracing on the A-16 bionic chip. Apple has introduced new software features, such as MetalFX upscaling, which leverages the capabilities of both the GPU and neural engine to deliver high-quality graphics while consuming significantly less power. This results in an enhanced gaming experience with improved performance and efficiency.

Joz disclosed that:

“iPhone is the best mobile gaming platform in the world. iPhone is powered by high-performance and power-efficient Apple silicon, features advance HRD displays, supports variable refresh rates, and is compatible with the most advanced game controllers.”

Furthermore, Jos indicated:

“The App store and apple arcade have revolutionized game distribution, and iPhone and iOS have fantastic game community. A-17 pro takes this incredible platform even further, laying a foundation for a new generation of mobile gaming.”

The A-17 Pro takes gaming quality to the next level, offering enhanced resolution, dynamic lighting, and intensified fire and weather effects, thus elevating the gaming experience to a more realistic level.

Fish Ling who developed Hoyoverse-Honkai: Star rail in a detailed description said:

“We have been able to develop high-quality water features, that means more realistic waves and reflections-on the new iPhone 15-pro Honkai star rail has never looked better.”

Meng Wang Hoyoverse-Genshin described:

“The A-17 Pro’s GPU is even faster, and the MetalFX Upscaling has allowed us to bring faster response times and more detailed environments to life.”

Tsuyoshi Kanda CAPCOM-Resident Evil Village & Resident Evil 4 stated:

“Games like resident evil village, and resident evil 4, once only available on consoles, can now be played on iPhone, thanks to A-17 Pro. This is the future of Mobile gaming, All thanks to the power of iPhone 15 Pro.”

In a commentary by Joz he said:

“We are excited, that the Division resurgence is launching on iPhone in early 2024. This new level of performance will enable new games for iPhone 15 Pro that were previously only available on game consoles, PCs, or the Mac.”

Ubisoft game developers is said to bring Mirage the latest installment of the Assassins creed franchise to iPhone 15 Pro in early 2024.

Joz hinted:

“This is the first time the console version of Assassin’s Creed, will be natively available on a smartphone.”


Camera Design and Functionalities on the iPhone 15 Pro:

                                                                                Image-source: Apple

On the camera design in the iPhone, Joz Stated that:

“iPhone 15 Pro has our best camera system yet. Users will get even better photos and videos, powerful new features, and the equivalent of seven camera lenses in their pocket.”

The Director Optical Engineering Misha Scepanovic stated:

“Last year, we introduced our innovative 48MP camera, which users love for their beautiful high-resolution photos.”

The 15-pro features a more advanced 48MP main camera with an even larger sensor than the iPhone 15.

In a detailed description by Misha, he said:

“The camera includes a new nanoscale coating to reduce lens flare, brings high resolution to everyday photos, enables more focal length, and has better low-light performance for portraits and Night mode-when using all Pixels of the quad-pixel sensor, the main camera can capture unbelievable detail.”

In addition to the 48MP ProRAW, users are able to now shoot in 48MP HEIF, with four-times more resolution than before.

Misha stated:

“With the power of our computational photography, we have the new super-high-resolution default for the Main camera. The 24MP photos merge the best low light and detail together, merging beauty, sharpness, artistic reflection.”

The updated photonic engine now incorporates the 48MP image, granting the iPhone the capability to capture higher resolution photos at various focal lengths, including 24mm, 28mm, and 35mm. This enhancement empowers professional photographers to effortlessly switch between these new options and even select a new default lens, providing them with the flexibility to tailor their camera experience to their creative requirements.

Misha further said:

“iPhone 15 Pro also gets next generation portraits with Focus and Depth control with two times better low light performance, capturing the smallest details of expression incredibly clear, which is contrasted with a dimly lit, yet detailed background.”

Night mode on the iPhone 15 Pro offers an incredible experience, thanks to the photonic engine, enabling users to capture more vibrant colors and intricate details. The LiDAR scanner in the iPhone 15 Pro enhances night mode portrait images, rendering them with stunning clarity, intricate details, and beautifully lit backgrounds.The smart HDR feature in the iPhone 15 Pro delivers more true-to-life photos, offering a wider dynamic range that captures lighting nuances and reflections while preserving the overall ambiance of the surroundings.

The iPhone 15 Pro’s zoom range includes a superb 3x Telephoto camera with a 77mm focal length, perfect for capturing portrait photos. In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, Apple leverages its larger size to introduce an exceptional feature – its longest optical zoom at 5x and a focal length of 120mm.

Misha mentioned:

“We designed state-of-the-art Telephoto camera, compared to iPhone 14-Pro Max.”

The 15-pro max, is said to have 25% larger sensor, 100% focus pixels, and a focal length of 2.8 aperture, which makes it the largest of any smartphone at this optical range.

More details from Misha indicates that:

“The 120-mm lenses are typically long, so instead we created an innovative tetra-prism design, built right into iPhone. The light rays are reflected four times through the glass structure, allowing the light to travel for longer in a much smaller design.”

This design provides sufficient space between the lens and sensor to accommodate the longer focal length. Additionally, the 15 Pro Max boasts the most advanced stabilization ever devised, featuring a combination of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and a 3D sensor-shift module with autofocus capabilities that move in all three dimensions, a groundbreaking feature for smartphones.

The 15-Pro, feature a combination of Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and a 3D sensor-shift module with autofocus capabilities that move in all three dimensions. Image-source: Apple

Misha emphasized:

“This was critical to support the tetra-prism design, it provides even better stabilization, with up to 10,000 micro-adjustments per second. That is twice as many as iPhone 14 Pro. This longer focal length gives Pro users a brand-new creative option.”

The 15-pro max ultra-wide camera, is also improved with a new anti-reflective coating, better Night mode, and the latest Smart HDR, in addition to enable users capture macro photography.

Furthermore, he said:

“Macro is one of the seven lenses of the new Pro Camera system, with a 10x optical zoom range going from 13-to 120-millimeter focal length, making iPhone 15 Pro Max more powerful and more versatile than ever.”

Joz added:

“iPhone 15 Pro will enable great workflows, for photographers and filmmakers that previously weren’t possible. Using a USB 3 cable with iPhone 15 Pro enables incredibly fast transfer speeds. Making it faster to transfer your large ProRAW photos or ProRes videos to your Mac. And now you can use iPhone with capture one to shoot and instantly transfer 48MP ProRAW directly to a MAC, easily creating a pro studio suited for today’s fast-paced needs.”

The 15-pro also allows the recording of ProRes video directly to an external storage drive.

Joz continued:

“Video productions can quickly swap drives, and keep iPhone as the main camera on set. Recording to an external drive enables even higher quality recording options, pushing ProRes 4k up to 60 frames per second for the first time.”

Apple’s inclusion of ProRes recording is especially beneficial for filmmakers looking to achieve cinematic slow-motion effects. In addition, Apple is introducing Log encoding to enhance the capabilities of ProRes for professional users. This addition extends the range and flexibility for visual effects and color grading during post-production, providing even greater creative control.

Joz Highlighted:

“With log encoding, iPhone 15 Pro will be the first smartphone in the world to support the Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), a global standard for color workflows, making it easier for filmmakers to use iPhone in their production.”

This innovation undoubtedly pushes the boundaries of what users can achieve with a smartphone when it comes to capturing moments. Users can also revisit and enjoy these captured memories using Apple Vision Pro.

Joz mentioned:

“Photos and videos look lifelike and panoramas expand to create an immersive experience that wraps around you. One more feature we also created just for the world of spatial computing; users are now able to capture spatial videos.”

Spatial video capture utilizes the collaboration of the Ultra-wide and primary cameras to generate a three-dimensional (3D) video.

                                                                                                Image-source: Apple

He further emphasized:

“Capturing spatial video will be available later this year.”

The iPhone 15-Pro and 15-Pro Max Pricing:

The iPhone 15-Pro will maintain the same starting prices as the previous year, with USD $999 for the 128GB model and USD $1199 for the 256GB 15-Pro Max.

                                         The iPhone 15-Pro, and iPhone 15-Pro price list. Image-source: Apple

Apple is also providing generous trade-in incentives, offering up to $1000 off when users trade in an iPhone 11 Pro or a newer model.

Pre-orders for all iPhone models will commence today, September 15th (Saturday in other countries), and the devices will be available in all stores globally, starting next week on September 22.

                                         The iPhone 15-Pro and 15-Pro Max in store, next week Friday 22, September 2023.

Additional Products on iCloud+:

Apple also announced the introduction of two additional storage capacity options (6TB and 12TB) in iCloud+ starting next week.

                                                                                            Image-source: Apple

Conclusion of Event:

The event wrapped up with Tim Cook expressing his gratitude to all the presenters at the event and to everyone who contributed to the development of these remarkable products.

In an enthusiastic manner expressed his feelings stating:

“The apple watch series 9, with our most powerful chip ever in Apple watch, a brighter display, and a convenient new way to interact with your watch. And it’s our first carbon neutral product-At apple we strive to create innovative products and best-in-class experiences that help us do the things that matter most in our lives.”

                                                             The price lineup of all iPhone Device. Image-source: Apple

The event spanned for approximately 1 hour and 23 minutes. While Apple provided a brief overview, here at Fixitgearware, we delved into the intricate details to provide our readers with a comprehensive understanding of this new technology and how it can amplify the potential of these new iPhone 15 models. We hope our readers’ expectations have been fulfilled, and that we’ve covered all the essential details. For those interested in pre-ordering, please visit Apple’s official website.



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