APPLE WWDC2023 QUICK SUMMARY: 15-inch MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac-Studio, iPadOS & iOS 17, tvOS, watchOS 10, Apple Vision Pro and more.

The apple WWDC2023 quick summary which held on June 5th 2023, introducing new updates on apple products such as the 15-inch MacBook Air, Mac Pro, Mac-Studio, tvOS, watchOS 10, iPadOS 7, iOS 7, Apple Vision Pro.

The event commenced with first arriving at the park with an arial view of the beautiful edifice of Apple in one Apple Park way Cupertino. 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Apple CEO Tim Cook opened the keynote on the latest technology and platforms coming soon to the apple community.

He said: “We love to see our amazing developers dream of big ideas and see them bring those ideas to life.”

The CEO announced on their commitment to provide developers with resource tools and opportunities in doing their developers work. He stated that one of these opportunities is their World-Wide Developers Conference (WWDC).

According to the apple CEO he stated that:

“The WWDC2023 would be an opportunity in making one of our biggest announcements of our incredible software platforms as well as introducing some exciting new products.” 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

15-inch MacBook Air:

The event progressed with Apple Senior Vice President Hardware Engineering (John Ternus) announcing their first major product for WWDC2023, the 15-inch MacBook Air.

According to John Ternus:

" The MAC has been transformed to Apple Silicon which provides industry leading performance, new capabilities, and extra-ordinary battery Life, also aiding developers in achieving their work-flow efficiently. "

 The MacBook Air 15-inch.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

It is expected that the new MacBook Air which runs on an M2 chip comes with an incredible performance, that boast of a brilliant display, optimum all day battery life, and striking design. This makes it one of the world’s best-selling laptops at the moment.

The laptop comes in two distinctive sizes; 13-inch and 15-inch, with the 15-inch being the newest design of the Air product, and weighs only 3.3lbs(pounds), and has a size thickness of 11.5mm. This makes it the world’s thinnest laptop at the moment.

 The thickness of the 15-inch MacBook Air.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Furthermore, the laptop comes with unique inbuilt accessories a single MacSave Charging port, two thunder bolt ports, a headphone jack, 6-speakers which 4-speakers serve as cancelling woofer speakers giving an impressive spatial audio to its users.

The inbuilt speakers in the 15-inch MacBook Air.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Apple Vice President on Product Design (Kate Bergeron) stated that:

“The new Apple MacBook Air is 12X faster than the intel-based MacBook Air, and also comes with 18-hr battery life.”

15-inch MacBook Air Pricing:

The new 15-inch MacBook Air comes in four distinctive colours of Midnight, Starlight, Space Grey, Silver, and can be copped with a starting price of USD $1299 for regular buyers and USD $1199 for students (Education) buyers. The 13-inch with M2 chip goes for USD $1099, while the The 13-inch with M1 chip goes for USD $999.

The product is expected to be delivered, within one week when orders are placed.

Price listing for the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Air.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023


The MAC PRO WITH APPLE SILICON is a new upgrade which combines the most powerful chip in apple (M2-Max), giving rise to the new M2-ULTRA and supports PCI expansion.

 This tackles the most powerful demanding workflow, and increase productivity. The new Mac Pro Supports video transcoding, 3D-simulation for those into game designs or 3D animation, and is 3-times faster than the most powerful intel Based Mac.

Image of the MacPro circuitry 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The modern Mac Pro comes with an inbuilt 7-after burner cards and when running on 6-iocards, it is powerful enough to ingest 24k camera feed, and encode them in ProRes in Realtime.

According to Tim Cook:

“It is the integration of these hardware and software that brings their product to life, and our software platform enables apple developers to do amazing work as well as providing credible experiences for apple users.”

MAC PRO Pricing:

The MAC pro is said to be available in two styles, Tower and Rack Mountain Closure.  The MAC PRO M2 Max, starts with a price from USD $6999.  Orders can be placed today and delivered within a week.

Image of the MacPro Tower and Rack Mountain Closure.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023


The new Mac Studio comes with a superpower in the M2 Max, and M2 ULTRA. Apple Director Engineering Program Management (Jennifer Munn) gave an inspiring speech on what to expect. She said:

“The Mac studio has an incredible performance, and connectivity with the new M2 MAX, is a performance power house which allows developers to build new version of apps at work speed, with up to 25% faster performance than the M1 MAX.  Motion graphic designers can render effects up to 50% faster than the M1 MAX. It is 4 times faster than the most powerful intel-based iMac.”

Image of the Mac Studio device. 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The Mac Studio comes with bot M2 Max, and M2 Ultra with the M2 Max running on a 16-core neural engine, and the M2 Ultra running on a 32-core Neural engine. Software’s such as DaVinci resolve, can run colourful imagery compared to the M1 Ultra Micro-chip.

Image of DaVinci Resolve on Mac Studio device. 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Mac Studio (M2-Max Chip) Hardware Configurations:

Image of the M2 MAX chip

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Memory (Ram): 32GB unified memory.

Back Compartment: Two USB-C ports, one SDXC card slot. 

Back Compartment: 4 thunderbolt-four ports, two USB-A ports, one HDMI port, one 10GB Ethernet port, one 3.5mm headphone Jack.

Mac Studio (M2-Ultra Chip) Hardware Configurations:

Image of the M2 ULTRA chip

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Memory (Ram): 64GB unified memory.

Back Compartment: Two Thunderbolt 4-ports, one SDXC card slot.  

Back Compartment: 4 thunderbolt-four ports, two USB-A ports, one HDMI port, one 10GB Ethernet port, one 3.5mm headphone Jack.

Mac Studio Pricing:

The Mac Studio M2-Max is sold for USD $1,999 and the M2-Ultra USD $3,999. Orders can be placed today and delivered within a week.


Apple announced about the new iPadOS 17 with its ability to support software such as Final Cut Pro, and Logic Pro. In a bit to make it compatible with the hand-held device, apple redesigned the app from the ground up.

The update also comes with amazing features found in the lock screen and widgets. It will provide more interactive ways, allowing its users personalise their screen without opening an app, as well as animate the widgets in a more user experience satisfaction. 

In the new iPadOS 17 updates, with so many wonderful photos for lock screens. When a life photo is selected, additional frames are used to create a gorgeous smooth slow-motion effect whenever users wake the iPad.

Applications running on the iPadOS 17, are not left out either. The health app which only runs on the iPhone, is said to be featured in the new update coming to the iPad.

Other major updates include apps like PDF’s, allowing users to be able to edit fillable pdf documents using the apple pencil, as well as upload signatures. PDF’s that are also captured by the camera of the iPad are also editable.

Inbuilt apps such as Facetime has been taking to a whole new level, giving users the ability to send not just a voicemail, but also a video-mail when calls are unanswered. Other features include stage manager which also supports third party apps, and as well as beautiful reactions during a facetime video-call.

Image of stage manager during a zoom meeting. 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Also, with the new update users can collaborate with one another on the Note application, while both teams see on screen, what each collaborator are doing on a document.

Collaborating via the note app iPad OS17 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023


Continuation of the keynote by the Senior Vice President Software Engineering (Graig Federighi), giving a detailed speech on the new look and experience of the iOS 17 updates. The iOS 17 for the iPhone comes with vast updates, with the three major area of focus being the Call (phone) app, the Facetime App, and the iMessage App.

The Call (Phone app) Update:

This new update on the call (phone app) of the iPhone comes, with a brand-new way for users of the iPhone to express themselves. This comes with a personalised contact poster. Giving users the freedom on how they are represented whenever they call their loved ones.

Users of the iPhone can opt to either use their photos, emojis, or even their favourite pet picture as their contact image.

This feature appears during calls and as well as part of the contact card of the iPhone user, which gives a consistent look across the place the user communicates or share with other iPhone users.

Image of personalised users contact on their iPhone.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Also, the call update comes with the Live-Voicemail features.  When someone calls, and the user wishes not to answer the call at the moment, they can be sent to a voicemail. The Live-voicemail then comes with the transcription in Realtime as they speak with a flexibility to pick up the call, if it is something the recipient of the call wishes to address right away.

Image of Live voicemail transcription

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The Facetime Update:

The facetime Update, gives callers the flexibility to leave a video-mail message, just like the voicemail, when a call is unanswered the caller is giving the option if they wish to leave a video-mail message to their contact person.

This feature is good for couples who are in long distance relationships or family and friends who are apart they can both leave a video-voicemail message, letting the other party know how their day is going.

Image of video-mail on the new iOS 17

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The iMessage Update:

The iMessage Update keynote was delivered by Senior Engineering Program Manager Internet Technologies (Kim Beverett). The key improvement in the iMessage involves a more powerful search with the additional features of search filters.

Users can search and add additional terms to narrow down the results to find exactly what they are looking for in their message history.

iMessage audio messages will be transcribed. Audio messages that can’t be listened to during a meeting or busy schedule, can now be transcribed and this is made possible by the power of neural engine

Image of Audio message transcription

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The major update that comes to the iOS iMessage, is the Check-in feature, which allows users to keep track of their friend’s location directly in their message conversation. Users, can start the Check In with their loved ones to let them know they arrived home safely. As soon as users arrive home, check-in automatically detects that you are home and notifies your family and friends.

Image of iMessage Check-In feature 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

However, if something unexpected happened while on your way, check in can detect that you are not making progress towards your destination, and Check In with you, and if there are no response, it alerts your loved one’s with your last detected location while the Check-In app was moving.

Image of critical-alert of the check-In feature on iOS 17

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

A ton of other features were updated in the iMessage, subsequent articles will go into details in depth of each of the updates of the various apple WWDC2023 unveiling.

The New Airdrop sharing Feature on the iOS 17:

Airdrop comes with a new update that allows users not only share files, pictures, or even documents. The new airdrop share allows users swap their phone number or contact. This new feature is known as Namedrop.

Image of Namedrop share on iPhone

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

It allows users to choose the phone number, email addresses, or contacts they want to share along with, making it more convenient and fast in exchanging mobile contacts with one another.

Other features include the intelligent keyboard which improves users experience each time they type on their screen, calling Siri has been improved from “Hey Siri” to just “Siri”, and also allow users to download maps and location offline.

The new macOS Sonoma:

Apple unveiled the new macOS Sonoma during the WWDC2023. According to the Senior Vice President Software Engineering (Graig Federighi):

Image of the new macOS Sonoma

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

“Apple took a more magical steps in naming the OS for their loyal fanbase and customers, they turned once again to the apple legendary crack marketing team, the instructions where simple, travel far and wide leave no stone unturned. Well as far as they could reconstruct, that search consist of piling in a micro-bus, punching in the world’s awesome venues in the maps, and beam lining straight to the world one of the most famous wine regions in the world a place celebrated by the team, rather is a bit too much and beloved by millions... Introducing macOS Sonoma.”

A resounding presentation showing how excited they are in bring the new macOS update to modern Mac users. The company said that the new update will improve users experience and bring about a more productive output using the mac.

Software applications like the widget can now be personalised by users in the new update, by adjusting it around anywhere on their screen they so desire.

On the macOS Sonoma, users can share the same widgets with their iPhone, all they need is for both computer and the phone be in close proximity.

Gaming on macOS Sonoma:

The Senior Director GPU Software (Jeremy Sandmel) announced that apple silicon fundamentally changed the game delivering incredible graphics performance to every mac.

He further stated that the metal 3, is coming to the macOS Sonoma. Apple also partnered with the Founder of Kojima Productions by the name Kojima Hideo.

Image Kojima Productions 

Image source: Kojima Productions.

According to Kojima:

“I’m super excited to be here to tell you about the project that we have been working on for the Mac. I have been a die-hard Apple fan since I bought my first Mac back in 1994, it has been a dream of mine to see my team’s best work come to life on the Mac. Now we are entering a new era of gaming on the Mac. So, I’m very happy to announce that we’re bringing DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT to the Mac later this year!”

He announced that DEATH STRANDING DIRECTORS CUT will be available for pre-order on the Mac App store soon.

The tvOS Update:

The tvOS update makes it convenient for various apple products to connect to the apple tv. This will deliver the best of television experience with the user’s entertainment.

It features a designed control centre which makes it more intuitive to do things such as accessing AirPods settings, home installed cameras, system controls, and user’s profile. All made possible with the touch of the serial remote.

The new tvOS 17 will support facetime allowing users to use their large screen, while connecting wirelessly to their iPhone or iPad, using the device camera as a webcam, while interacting with their caller via the Fullscreen.

It also allows users to have access to all their favourite tv shows. Using share play, users can on the active facetime call can watch the show together allowing on communicating parties stay in sync.

Image of Share play while on facetime on Apple Tv.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Apple also did not ignore the developer feature, as apple is adding the continuity camera API, which allows users to utilise even a bigger screen in their homes and stay connected.  They further state that apps like zoom, and Webex are coming to apple tv, by the end of the year 2023.

The Keynote on watchOS 10:

The keynote on the watchOS 10, was given by the Vice President Technology Apple Inc (Kevin Lynch). The new update shows a new way to view information quickly from any watch face and comprehensive apple designs across watchOS.

Image of watchOS 10 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

 The new watchOS update gives a quick access on users enjoying a beautiful watch interface in portrait mode, while still giving the user quick access to information they care about.  Users can turn the digital crown to reveal widgets from any apple watch.

Image of watchOS 10 widgets when users turn the crown. 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

According to Kevin Lynch:

"The watchOS clock features dynamic colour with the time of the day of the different time zones.  Users can easily see if it is a good time to call a friend in different time zone."

Understanding this, it implies the colour of the time widget corresponds to the time zone of the country associated with it. If it is night time in Japan, that means the colour of the time zone screen would be dark, signifying it is late to give a call to someone who stays in Japan.

Image of watchOS 10 time zone and current time color

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

In celebrating watchOS 10, apple is bringing Snoopy and the Woodstock to apple watch. The snoopy character comes to live in many different animations they can be playful with the watch hands, the animation of the weather conditions to the user’s location as well as getting active with the user.

Image of animated snoopy and Woodstock on watchOS 10

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Other amazing updates on the watchOS 10, includes cycling; which notifies a user to start a workout if they forgot, as well as safety potential of fault detection. It also would be able to connect to Bluetooth enabled bike sensors, allowing users to add Cadence and power to their standard metrics and even try out a new cycling power workout view.

Image of cadence app view on watchOS 10

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The watchOS 10, comes with other power pack updates, such as the Map, the health app, the new compass update. Subsequent articles will discuss in details all you need to know about the watchOS 10.

The Apple Vision Pro:

The third major product of the day was unveiled by the CEO Apple.Inc Tim Cook.

According to Tim:

"I believe that augmented reality is a profound technology blending digital content with real world can unlock experiences like nothing we ever seen. "

Image of The New Apple Vision Pro. 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The vision pro is a new kind of computer, that augments reality by seamlessly blending the real-world with the digital world. Users can control vision pro, using the most natural and intuitive tools; Your eyes, hand, and voice. 

With vision pro, users are no longer limited by display. The user’s surroundings becomes the infinite display, allowing the flexibility to use their apps anywhere and making them any size you want.

According to the Vice President Human Interface (Alan Dye):

 "The apple vision pro allows us the freedom to imagine experience unlike anything ever created. He stated that for the first time, apple has designed a 3D interface, one that users can control with just their eyes, hands, and voice. "

Image of A user controlling application using the hand gesture on VisionPro.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The vision pro allows all kinds apps running on users iPhone, iPad, and even the new macOS Sonoma. It comes with an interesting feature called the Eyesight which allow users to be able to see the people around them without being isolated, both users and the people around their surroundings can view one another, allowing vision pro to display your eye when someone is nearby.

Image of VisionPro clearing Immersion, allowing the users view once a human presence is observed .

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Immersion completely cleared. Allowing user to interact with the human present. 

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Vision pro gives a fantastic web experience browsing safari.  Other beautiful features involve users being able to re-arrange apps on their screen on how they choose or wish them to appear.

The Product Manager Apple Vision Pro Allessandra McGinnis stated:

“The vision pro has the apps you love and count on everyday and these apps are free from the confines of your display and live in your space. The Vision Pro is in sync with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. All your notes, messages, photos, and documents stay up to date automatically with iCloud.”

Enabling and using the virtual keyboard on vision pro, gives a feel to users making it look like they are typing from a keyboard itself.

Image of Virtual Environment using VisionPro

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The new vision pro did not leave out the facetime call as well, users are able to make facetime call with their family and friends, while being fully present without the vision pro appearing on their face. All credit to the neural engine, for this powerful feature.

Image of facetime using VisionPro.

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Apple in the bit to bring Disney to families and homes right with vision pro, partnered with Disney. The Keynote floor was taken over by the CEO of Disney (Bob Iger).

Bob Iger stated that:

“As the world Disney company celebrates our 100th anniversary, we are proudly reflecting on our rich legacy of innovation and storytelling while also looking to our future with enthusiasm and optimism. We are constantly in search of new ways, to entertain inform and inspire our fans by combining extra ordinary creativity with ground breaking technology to create truly remarkable experience. And we believe apple vision pro is a revolutionary platform that can make our vision a reality.”

Image of Augmented Reality of Disney with VisionPro

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The new platform using augmented reality, will bring Disney to its fans, in an imaginative way, that weren’t previously possible.

According to Apple:

“Users can enjoy the experiences vision pro knowing their world class security and privacy feature are right there with you.”

The Apple vision pro goes for the price USD $3499, and will be made available next year on Apples official website, and across all retail stores in the United States.

Other technology updates that were unveiled during the WWDC2023 include the AirPods, features using inbuilt apps, and third-party apps on the iPhone, iOS, iPadOS, and macOS Sonoma.

More details would be unveiled on subsequent articles, breaking them down by each category.

The beautiful thing about this year’s event, is that apple did not only ensure that the event was a breathe taking one, but also employing a sign language translator in this year’s event. It shows how inclusive they are towards the disabled community.


Image of Male language Interpreter WWDC2023

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

Image of Female language Interpreter WWDC2023

Image source: Apple WWDC2023

The WWDC2023 event which lasted for 2-hrs, concluded with Tim Cook giving a vote of thanks to the entire team of apple, the presenters, and a commercial ad on the Apple Vision Pro.




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