The M01 CSI Linux workstation, is all-new device that comes with the CSI Linux 2023 installed. The mini-computer is a portable device that suits both forensic training, and as well for real-world investigation in cybersecurity.

Image source: CSI-Linux

According to CSI Linux from their official website, the device has the following specifications

  • AMD A9 9400 processor, 2C/2T, 2.4GHz and up to 3.2GHz with the CSI-Linux operating system preinstalled.
  • A large storage capacity with flexible expansion, 8GB DDR4 and 128GB SSD, with a high performance to perform multiple task (Multitask).
  • Two HDMI ports are available on the minicomputer, that allows 4k UHD display and can be connected to two display monitors at the same time, a good choice for improved work efficiency.
  • The portable device has a built in 1x USB-C port, 2x USB 3.0 ports, 2x USB2.0 ports for multipurpose use. The USB-C port is for Data only, and can carry up to 10 Gbps ultra-fast and data transfer that is quite stable. Additional components include Bluetooth 5.0, 1.0Gb/s (1000Mb/s) LAN, and WIFI 2.4G+5G for a proficient networking.
  • A cooling fan to stabilize the minicomputer hardware and minimize hardware loss.
  • The minicomputer supports an upgradable ram up to 16GB, and additional 2.5-inch slot to add SSD/HDD if additional storage is required.

CSI-Linux stated that the mini-device with an enriched components goes for $399.99 and the specification sheets can be downloaded




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