Star Wars Jedi: Survivor breaks the Metroidvania Mold

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor set to release in April 28.

Stepping into the protagonist Cal Kestis in Star Wars Jedi: survivor, it is clear you are returning to a more sophisticated character who isn’t joking around. The great abilities of Kestis haven been honed over time gives him the skills to overcome challenges. The history of games built with its player having the ability to steadily acquire abilities (Metroidvania) which aids in discovering more hidden worlds, with its character.  The previous star war games including Star Wars Jedi: Fallen order, allows its character begin weak and subsequently become strong as they advance each obstacle.

The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has transformed the game play with new inclusive characteristics. The Jedi: Survivors start off in the midst of a job, where Cal Kestis is seen obtaining some intel from the empire on behalf of Saw Gerrera.  The mission quickly goes south, and it is seen that the stakes in Kesti’s life has increased higher as he has obtained in the Jedi lifestyle over the last few years, with him being more powerful than he used to be, this can be seen when he swings his lightsaber.

Image source: Xbox News

The abilities of Cal’s are effective points which makes him feel perfect to control, and this can be shaped from various robust set of mechanics which is dependent on its player. Its player has the flexibility of not just giving Cal’s various tools but as well have the flexibility to fight through enemies in whichever method the player choses to.

The new Jedi: survivor comprises of five (5) different combat stances to select from as soon as it begins each offering a distinctive edge against the numerous enemies encountered. The single stance consists of a set of standard attacks, and offers a balanced playstyle to start with.

The double blade allows the player’s saber to extend with a second blade, allowing maximum damage to clusters of enemies with ease and flair. The saber has a dual wield, which enables him to hold half of the lightsaber on both hands slashing through enemies and delivering maximum high damage attacks with speed which is quite a skill for large creatures that possess tons of health.

The game comes with a blaster feature that allows Cal Kestis to take a gun to a gunfight and firing maximum shots at range.  Every stance is equipped with its own skill tree, allowing the character to unlock new abilities that are beneficial for both offensive and defensive combats. There are tons of feature which shows that Cal Kestis is not training to be a Jedi (He is already a Jedi). Cal’s abilities is not just limited to the Lightsaber combat but also his force capabilities are as quite effective. He still has the ability to wield the force push and pull, used in dragging enemies in combat for a beating and sending them to death.

It is also possible for him to take control of a specific enemy and make them allies, as well he can make them temporarily use the help of the local wildlife pummel the empire’s gorilla. Cal’s skills of whispering to nature allows him to tame and use creatures when needed. The belters a winged pointy creature can be used by Cal to fly great distance, and the Nekkos are used to traverse long distances along hills and creeks.  

These numerous options from Cal’s extensive list of lightsaber skills with his revised force powers, depicts that the world can be approached confidently, while retaining the challenge in Jedi: Survivor traditional Metroidvania elements. The game posses quite bigger challenges that are inviting as there are numerous ways to go about them, and the character progressively becomes cooler and more colorful in its ability.

The game sure feels like a Jedi simulator, and genuinely interesting on a genre we are familiar with, with beautiful fusion of narratives and mechanical invention in a major production.

The game officially launches on the 28th April for Xbox Series



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