May 22, 2024

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The Business-Minded CISO (How To Organize, Evangelize, and Operate an Enterprise-Wide IT Risk Management Program), is a recommended book, that teaches you not just about knowing the technical aspects of the job, but also the importance of a business-oriented approach. Want to have a quick summary of the role of a CISO? The Business-Minded CISO’ is your one-stop resource that provide answers, and what it takes to secure a CISO role in various organizations. In addition, it unveils and provides insights into what to consider when planning to take up the role of a CISO, understanding the various maturity levels, planning, building sustainable IT Risk programs, and much more.



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The Job role of a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), is very essential when we talk about cybersecurity. In the modern era, the role of a CISO has evolved beyond just technical expertise. It’s about understanding the business, aligning security measures with business goals, and effectively communicating these strategies across the organization.
.This why a copy of “The Business-Minded CISO (How To Organize, Evangelize, and Operate an Enterprise-Wide IT Risk Management Program” is all you need. What does this book offer ? You will get to know what is expected of you on securing a CISO role from various organization perspective, What to lookout for when planning to take up the Job role of a CISO, Understand the various maturity levels, How to plan and Build sustainable IT Risk, and more… 

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