July 19, 2024

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Perixx PERIBOARD-317R Wired Backlit USB Keyboard – Tri-Color Illuminated LED – US English.

Short Description:

Is not just a keyboard, but a keyboard with style. Color they say boost confidence when working in cybersecurity, and switching between colors, based on task you are conducting excites and motivates you when it comes to cybersecurity activities. This is part of what the Perixx keyboard has to offer in its LED (Light Emitting Diode) functionality. Imagine performing a red team task, hacking a target, pentesting a target, or conducting a bug hunting activity, and you desire to have that vim feeling; with just a tap of the LED button you can switch between colors that matches the cybersecurity task you are performing. The TRI-Color feature in the Perixx PERIBOARD-317R Wired Backlit USB Keyboard – Big Print Letter – Tri-Color Illuminated LED – Stylish Round Keycaps – US English, offers that nostalgia aura that comes with either the red teaming by switching to the red LED, blue teaming by switching to the blue LED, or the purple teaming by switching to the purple LED lightening, activities.  That is not just a keyboard, but a keyboard solely designed for cybersecurity professionals.


Original price was: $34.99.Current price is: $26.99.

More Information

The Perixx PERIBOARD-317R Wired Backlit USB Keyboard comes with a suitable component, that matches its design. With this keyboard, you have the following sophisticated component:

  • A usb cable of 1.82m (6ft) in length, making it much flexible to sit far away from your laptop computer or desktop.
  • A Tri-Color backlight of Red, Blue, and Purple. Suitable for cybersecurity professionals.
  • A big font size round keyboard buttons, with a soft touch functionality.
  • Shortcut keys and functions to access utility programs such as calculator, and email shortcut to email software on your computer.
  • Keyboard lock functionality, enable this function to disable the keyboard from typing.
  • A thick black-box cardboard packaging with a clean design of the Perixx logo on it.
  • 365-day limited warranty.

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