July 19, 2024

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ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set, 172-in-1 Repair Tool Kit with 156 Bits, Professional Repair Tool Kit.

Short Description:

Are you building your own system, upgrading a RAM, changing your computer SSD, or trying to couple a raspberry pi component when building a microcontroller? You need a screw-driver toolkit to achieve all these, and not just a screwdriver toolkit, but one that has a set of screw teeth, to fit into the appropriate screw heads. The ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set, 172-in-1 Repair Tool Kit with 156 Bits, Professional Repair Tool Kit for Mobile Phones Smartphones Laptop Electronic Devices Blue, is a complete toolkit which is suitable for those who are fascinated in unscrewing, screwing, and also building their own computer components.


Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $28.99.

More Information

  • Who is this toolkit for? computer engineers, system administrators, technicians, and lab technicians.
  • The toolkit comes with a chrome vanadium steel, needless to say you have nothing to worry about rustiness.
  • Two (2) magnetic handles for the screws, with ergonomics design.
  • A flexible shaft that rotates up to 180 degrees.
  • Soft rectangular black pouch, with blue designs at the edges. Making the toolkit to fit into your personal luggage without occupying space.
  • Car ejector pins (for iPhone sim compartment or similar), cleaning brush to wipe dust away from the surface of a hardware (computer and phone motherboard), a 6-piece triangle opening pry tool, Tweezers, Suction cup, and a plastic spudger.
  • A 30-day amazon return policy.

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