July 19, 2024

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Security researchers have disclosed that over 96% of organizations are users of cloud services, and with over 200 Zettabytes (1-trillion Gigabytes) of data expected to be on the cloud by next year (2025), it is no doubt that the cloud industry infused with A.I, would be a lucrative profession in cybersecurity.

What does the CPTRT (Cloud Penetration Testing for Red Teamers) offer?

  • Definition of terms.
  • Understanding the various types of cloud, and cloud services.
  • Setting up a few of these cloud instances, to perform offensive activities and equip yourself with skills.
  • Understanding what cloud migration is about, and other interesting information’s about the cloud.
    The knowledge acquired from this book, is a fusion of both Theoretical and Practical knowledge. So, are you excited about learning how to pentest various clouds such as AWS, Microsoft (Entra-ID), GCP’s and more.? Then hurry up and click the “Buy Now on Amazon” button, to get a copy.





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Cloud Penetration Testing for Red Teamers is not just a book recommended for those who desire to have an in-depth knowledge on uncovering and discovering vulnerabilities or security flaws in the cloud, but also for those who desire to improve their knowledge and keep up to date, with trends regarding cybersecurity from a cloud perspective.

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