Windows 11 version 22H2 KB5029351 fixes search vulnerability.

Microsoft company has released Windows 11 version 22H2, which fixes several vulnerability issues affecting the search app.


The Windows 11 version 22H2 KB5029351, fixes the search app vulnerability. Image-source: Pixabay

The KB5029351, which is a monthly non-security related preview updates, enables Windows administrators and users to test security fixes, and windows Os improvements that is schedule for a release within the forth coming security patch update, said to be arriving in September 2023.

 The new update has addressed a minor security flaw that occurs, after waking the system from sleep mode; where the search is unable to launch, after the search icon has been clicked.

 It is also said that the security update will improve the search app reliability, and fixes the issue which affects the dimensions of the search box on Microsoft Surface Pro, and Surface Book devices when in tablet mode.

Users can access the security update by clicking on the settings icon on the windows icon menu bar, access the Settings icon, and check for updates, and install them, as shown in the following image below.

Step-01: Accessing the windows update from the settings menu, to check for windows updates.

                     Accessing the windows update window, from settings menu. Image-source: Fixitgearware

Step-02: Checking for windows security update to install by click the Windows Update menu shown above.

        Checking for new security updates to apply on the windows 11 operating system. Image-source: Fixitgearware

Step-03: Windows security updates is automatically downloaded and installed.

 Windows Security update is automatically applied, and installed upon download completion. Image-source: Fixitgearware

Step-03: Device needs to be rebooted or restart, for cumulative updates and security patches to be effective. 

Device reboot is recommended, for the security update to be effective, and windows operating system function properly. Image-source: Fixitgearware

Additional Functionalities in the Windows 11 KB5029351 Updates:

  • It comes with a new functionality that affects the way app defaults are set.
  • Issues affecting print job were also remediated; as previous issues were jobs sent to virtual print queue, fail without error messages.
  • High CPU usage was also addressed in this update. The high CPU usage is said to occur, when “fBlockNonDomain” policy is enabled.
  • Disk partition issues were also fixed, which might affect the system and stop it from working. This flaw occurs, after a disc partition is deleted, and added into an existing Bitlocker partition.

Microsoft also introduced a new security policy called “Enable optional updates,” giving administrator accounts, a better control of how they can apply monthly optional updates on enterprise devices.

This policy also can be used in controlling the deployment of controlled feature rollouts (CFR) across endpoints.  A temporary patch is available for the issue, and windows admins are advised to provision end-user devices, before the windows 11 22H2 upgrade is done.

Other security fixes and further description of the update, can be found in the August 22, 2023-KB5029351 (OS Build 22621.2215) Preview, on Microsoft support forum.




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