The users of windows-based OS might be experiencing a slow computation, this might be to background updates of Microsoft windows kb5028185, which was released to address vulnerabilities affecting the windows based operating systems.

The new update enables the new moment 3 features, with additional improvements. It was released on Tuesday 11th 2023, and fixes over seventy-eight (78) discovered vulnerabilities, and a list remote code executions vulnerability as well.


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The new windows 11 kb5028185 update, boast of a handful of new features:

  • Windows malware removal toolkit, is updated to its latest version.
  • The windows icon when clicked, shows a list of scrollable pinned apps.


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  • Users have the flexibility to see a list of recent accessed documents under the “recommended”
  • Ability to sync time, by clicking the “sync now” button found in the date & time additional settings.
  • Users can copy Two-factor authentication codes from applications notification toast.
  • A new user experience feels. For example, if your Microsoft account is tied to your student email, on the search bar, it shows the book and school bag icon, which indicates that your account is tied to an academic institution, and all related search would be academically inclined and detailed.

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  • When users are connected to the internet using a VPN, a notification indicating the connection to a vpn is established; shows via a status icon.

The new three moment feature allows users to do the following:

  1. Share a file either common outlook email account of theirs, or even access the email feature to share to others. Also, there is a flexibility of sharing the file with nearby devices paired or everyone, a feature like the airdrop on macOS.


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  1. Users can now search settings feature they cannot find, by using the search bar provided in the app settings interface.
  1. When users search for an information in the search bar, if the information is not locally found on the system, it immediately accesses the internet if users are connected and gets detailed information with a list of category tabs users can select from, and also the flexibility to chat with Bing AI.


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These features will enhance productivity. Users are advised to quickly update their system in other to patch the list of vulnerabilities, and also enjoy the new features.




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