Microsoft has announced ENTRA ID, to be the new name replacing Azure active directory.

The term active directory is quite a broad name that refers to not just windows domain network, but also servers. It is said that the complete change of name would take effect by the end of this year.

Microsoft azure as its known offers a wide range of security feature services such multifactor authentication, single-sign on, and other security feature access controls. It used mostly by organizations to limit and defend against cyber-attacks.


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The change is said not to affect the services provided by the software. According to the President for Identity & Network Access (Joy Chik):

“Starting today you’ll see notifications in the administrator portal, on our websites, in documentations, and other places you may interact with Azure Active Directory.”


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In light of the new changes, the company also announced the introduction of two new services Entra Internet Access, and Entra Private Access, which is said to provide a more secure access to cooperate organization resources.


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The Entra Internet Access is securing public web-services, which allows administrators to restrict visitors, by introducing conditional access.

The President for Identify & Network Access (Joy Chik) Stated:

“Microsoft Entra Internet Access is an identity centric Secure Web Gateway that protects access to all internet, SaaS (Software as a Service), Microsoft 365 and resources.”

The service is said to be a VPN like in nature, which grants administrators remote access to organizations internal resources and assets that are private.

She further stated that:

“We are committed to building a more secure world for all and making life harder for threat actors, easier for admins, and more secure for every user.”  “As part of our commitment, we’ll keep expanding Microsoft Entra to provide the broadest possible coverage along with a flexible and agile model where people, organizations, apps, and even smart things can confidently make real-time access decisions.”

We at FixitgearwareSecurity took a dive into twitter, to see what a few security experts has to say about this. The opinions can be read below:


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Security Experts or software developers can read more about Entra Internet Access and Entra Private Access for upcoming capabilities and setup a trial account.




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