WWDC23: iOS 17, The Fall of a Tech Giant or are people not Just excited.?


Image source: Apple Inc. 

There is no doubt, that everyone knows the origin of the giant company and the vision of its founding fathers or should we say the genius around its creation. Well, it is not a news that apple has been running its campaign known as WWDC, before introducing their unique products into the consuming markets for its apple fan-boys & girls.

On the march 29, 2023 the giant company went ahead to announce about their forthcoming WWDC23 set to hold in first half of the year 2023 (June 5 precisely).  The program is said to unveil the new iOS 17, and a variety of products to its end users.

As stated by the organization:

 “Apple today announced it will host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in an online format from June 5 through June 9, 2023, with an opportunity for developers and students to celebrate in person at a special experience at Apple park on opening day.”

It is known that since the origin of the WWDC it has always been free for all, and this year is not an exemption either. It is stated that during the event termed WWDC23 apple will take the step to introduce their new products such as the latest iOS 17, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS new advancement. The bold step was set to continuously promote the companies commitment in assisting developers in creating new innovative apps, and as well providing the developers with unique access to Apple engineers, as well as an insight to creating new tools that aid them in their creative visions.

According to Susan Prescott (Vice President at Apple Inc.):

“WWDC is one of our favourite times of the year at apple because it’s an opportunity at apple because it’s an opportunity to connect with the talented developers from around the globe who make this community so extraordinary.”

It is said, that WWDC23, is going to be one of apples biggest and most exciting event yet, and so far, they look forward to see participants both online and in person. As announced during Apple’s keynote, and state of the union presentation, this year event is said to include sessions, one-on-one labs, and opportunities to engage with Apple engineers and other developers. It is said that the space for the event will be limited to certain numbers and as well details on how to apply to be an attendee can be found in the Apple Developer site, and App.

This year event will also create avenues to support student developers through the Swift Student Challenge a part of apples numerous program that seek to promote and elevate learners and developer of every age bracket. Apple also announced that the submission for this year Swift Student Challenge is now open and will run through April 19, 2023.

Would you be attending.? As one of the optimistic humans alive I certainly would make room to attend maybe online or physical who knows.

Please do let us know in the comment section what are your thoughts about the forthcoming event.




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