The Bermuda government associates the cyberattack with Russian hackers

Russian hackers are believed to have orchestrated a recent cyberattack on Bermuda. The government has traced the attack, which targeted their IT department systems since last Thursday, back to Russian threat actors.

In a post published on the X-App (formerly Twitter), the government confirmed this:


                                                                               X-app post from the Bermuda government.


The event resulted into the cabinet office issuing a press conference on the 21st September via a YouTube video:


Youtube Press release video by the Government of Bermuda.


Premier of Bermuda Hon. David Burt stated that:

“There has been an incident, which is affecting not only the Bermuda Government but some other regional government as well. Our initial indication is, it comes from an external source, most likely from Russia, and we are working with agencies to make sure that we can identify any particular challenges, and make sure that services are restored quickly.”

Trustworthy media outlets revealed that while the threat actors managed to breach the Bermuda government’s IT systems, they did not succeed in stealing any sensitive information. The government publicly disclosed that the attack disrupted its telecommunications systems, internet services, and emails, affecting all departments within the institution.

Hon. Burt Added:

“What we are focused on right now is just making sure that we identify any challenges. It does not appear at this time that any data has been taken, so that’s at this point in time but it does appear that systems are affected. We are trying to identify which systems are affected, which ones are not so that we can return to servicing persons, so people at TCD, people at immigration et cetera, can get the government services which they rely on.”

Although the Bermuda Police service has a contrary opinion, as all telecommunication services, which are for emergency and non-emergency purposes were reported to be fully functional.

Burt went ahead to say:

“It was taught that other jurisdiction in the Caribbean were also affected; I will wait for the confirmation to come from the minister.”




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