Speculated Ransomware Attack Hits (CVC Heart).

A Cardiovascular Consultant (CVC Heart) based in Arizona may have fallen victim to a ransomware attack. This claim, however, remains unverified. Reports surfaced on October 25th that the CVC Heart appeared on the Qilin Darkweb leak.

                                                                                       Image-source: Fixitgearware

The threat actors allegedly posted a file link on the Qilin portal with the title:

“you can download all personal data of clients and employees of this company below.”


  The purported compressed file, estimated to be over 205.93 GB. Image-source: Databreach

Yet, the link to the purported compressed file, estimated to be over 205.93 GB, is inactive. This could suggest that the threat actors are either playing tricks or pressuring the company to contact them immediately for a payout. Several site visitors attempted to contact them regarding the inactive download link on the Qilin Darkweb, but received no response.

While there is no concrete information about this alleged cyber incident, we hope it may not be true. We will publish more discoveries as soon as they come to light.

Furthermore, numerous cybersecurity researchers, have reported on the Qilin Group, and their various RaaS (Ransomware-as-a-Service) campaigns. The threat group reportedly uses Rust-based ransomware in a double-extortion model, encrypting files and stealing sensitive information from their victims.

Sectrio provided a detailed report on the Qilin threat group in July 2023.

Article-Credit: Databreach



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