Scammers Use Blockworks Clone to Deceive and Drain Crypto Wallets.

Recently, scammers notorious for their harmful activities have unveiled a new strategy. They are now using Blockworks to mimic crypto businesses, including Blockworks and the Ethereum blockchain Etherscan.

These fraudsters have crafted a counterfeit Blockwork website that announces a “$37-million dollar Uniswap exploit”. Their primary objective is to deceive unsuspecting readers into linking their crypto wallets to a crypto drainer.

Moreover, these scammers have set up a phishing website featuring a “BREAKING” news report about an alleged multimillion-dollar “approvals exploit” on the Uniswap network. This report guides users to a malicious Etherscan website to secure approvals.


                                  Comparing the Fake and Real Blockworks Website. Image-source: Cointelegraph

The Fraudulent Uniswap Article and Fake Etherscan:

The fraudulent Uniswap article was reportedly shared on hijacked Reddit accounts (Anle Jemma & Garythesnailme), amidst trending crypto-related articles. The fake Etherscan website displays a smart contract and supposed token approval. However, it conceals a crypto wallet drainer.


                                                     Comparing the Fake and Real Etherscan. Image-source: Cointelegraph


Boesin, a Blockchain Security firm, examined the drainer’s smart contract and alerted Cointelegraph about the threat actor’s plan: to empty crypto wallets holding at least 0.1 Ether (equivalent of USD$180). However, Boesin noted that the drainer was improperly configured, leading to no transaction request after connecting a wallet.

Further scrutiny by an Age checker disclosed that the counterfeit Etherscan domain (approvalscan[.]io) was registered on 25th October 2023, followed by the registration of the fake Blockworks site (blockworks[.]media) on 26th October 2023.

On the same day (25th October 2023), Scam Sniffer | Web3 Anti-Scam announced on X (formerly Twitter) that this malicious wallet had drained over USD$190,000 after the victim approved a harmful signature. The post reveals that phishing scammers deployed wallet drainers on a cloned crypto news outlet “Decrypt”, enticing users to connect their crypto wallets for an airdrop of the publication’s token.

The recent spike in crypto theft by threat actors and scammers posing as renowned crypto-exchanges is concerning. They are cleverly pilfering cryptocurrencies owned by individuals and crypto exchanges alike.

We at FixitGearWare want to draw attention to this issue and urge all crypto investors and owners to remain alert. Be wary of the links you click and the transactions you authorize. We are optimistic that crypto organizations will soon devise a lasting solution to this pressing problem.




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