RAGNAR LOCKER Ransomware Gang Busted by Law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement agencies from various parts of the world, including Japan, the United States, and nine European countries, cooperatively apprehended the key figure of the Ragnar Locker ransomware group in France, in accordance with a series of attacks on Critical Infrastructures (CIS) worldwide, including a significant incident in 2020 that disrupted Japanese video game maker Capcom Co.

The group had intimidated victims, threatened to publish their data, and blocked access to their devices when ransom demands were not met.

Last week, French authorities arrested the key figure, who was a developer within the Ragnar Locker gang.



                                 Europol in a Press release stated the gang leader has been arrested. Image-Source: Europol


Japan’s National Police Agency stated that:

“He was the Key target of the International Investigation.”

Law enforcement agencies simultaneously conducted investigations and searches in countries such as the Czech Republic, Spain, and Latvia, confiscating ransomware infrastructure in the Netherlands, Germany, and Sweden. Furthermore, they took the website responsible for leaking data offline.

Europol in a Press release stated that:

“The International sweep delivered a major blow to one of the most dangerous ransomware operations of recent years.”

The cyberattack on Capcom in 2020 resulted in the theft of customers’ and clients’ Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Furthermore, in May of this year, a Russian citizen faced charges in the United States for his alleged involvement in ransomware attacks against law enforcement agencies, with suspicions of his involvement in the Capcom attack as well.”




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