Pizza lovers about to be Pissed as: Pizza Hut Australia faces data breach leading to customers sensitive data exposure.

Pizza Hut Australia stated; there is an indication that over 193,000 of their customers may have been compromised in the data breach, which was detected in the early weeks of September 2023.

While people are happy to request orders in Pizza Hut Australia, there is an indication there, and certainly a reason they might not be so happy in Australia anymore, as Pizza Hut has been hit by threat actors. The company confirmed that they have been hacked, and sensitive information’s such as delivery addresses, order details, and more has been compromised in the attack.


The Australian sect of the franchise Pizza Hut, which was compromised, has customers sensitive data exposed. Image-source: Fixitgearware Security


On Wednesday, September 20, 2023, the company’s Chief Executive Philip Reed, disclosed in an email to its customers:

“In early September we became aware of a cyber security incident where an unauthorized third party accessed some of the company’s data. At this stage, we have confirmed that the data impacted relates to customer record details and online order transactions held on our Pizza Hut Australia customer database.”



The  data’s that were compromised by this attack includes: customers names, email addresses, contact numbers, and delivery addresses.

Mr Reed emphasized:

“If you have a Pizza Hut Australia user account, it also includes unusable masked credit card details and secured one-way encrypted passwords.”

The Australian branch of the franchise stated that the credit card information exfiltrated by the hackers, cannot be used in conducting any fraudulent payments, and all payments are processed by a secured platform used by the franchise.



The Australian branch of the business, stated that upon noticing the incident, it took a swift action in other to protects its vast customers sensitive information. To achieve a maximum security, they employ the assistance of experts in forensics and cybersecurity in launching an investigation, to have a grasp of what really went down, and possible identification of data’s that were impacted by the breach.

Pizza Hut also advised its customers to remain vigilant for any unusual text messages, emails, or phone calls.

The incident was reported to the office of the Australian Information Commissioner. The email which was sent to its customers further described that:

“It is important to note that there is no evidence that your personal information has been misused, and the data we hold cannot by itself be used to commit identity theft or fraud.”


At FixitGearWare Security, we hold the belief that no one is impervious to hacking. This vulnerability can stem from undiscovered, unpatched flaws in user devices, lax security practices within business franchises, or even the potential for staff members to unwittingly serve as entry points due to security weaknesses or social engineering tactics. Consequently, we emphasize the importance of individuals actively participating in their own security by selectively engaging with trusted services and exercising prudence when conducting financial transactions.

As an alternative, we recommend maintaining a dedicated bank account and card with only a portion of your weekly expenses. These can be utilized for online shopping or even basic purchases like a pizza. This precaution helps minimize the potential for hackers to access significant funds in the event of an incident.




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