Nutanix’s cloud platform now fortified against ransomware.

Nutanix one of the leading cloud computing organizations has a new feature on which fortifies its cloud platform against ransomware in Realtime. This cutting-edge addition is poised to augment the cyber resilience of unstructured data.

Accessible through Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified storage solutions, this feature equips enterprise organizations with the capability to proactively detect and mitigate cyber threats, effectively halting potential damage in its tracks. Furthermore, it boasts one-click remediation procedure, accomplished within an impressive 20-minute window following the onset of exposure to cyber-threats. These new features signify that Nutanix is at the forefront of a cybersecurity revolution through this remarkable innovation.


The new feature provided in the Nutanix Data lens is based on three functionalities: Ransomware Detection and Blocking within 20 Minutes, Ransomware 1-Click Recovery, and Permission Visibility & Risk Visualization. Image-Source: Fixitgearware


In a disclosed article, the company stated that:

“Ransomware is a top priority for CIOs and CISOs globally, yet 93% of organizations report they need to be better prepared according to the Enterprise Cloud Index. Speed of detection is more critical now that the average ransomware attack duration accelerated 94% as threat actors become more efficient at breaching, exfiltrating, and enacting a ransomware payload compromising data.”


The augmented functionalities integrated into the Nutanix Cloud Platforms converge cybersecurity and networking seamlessly across diverse cloud environments. The platform is said to deliver a series of cyber resilience features, encompassing one-click data encryption, fortified secure network policies, precision application microsegmentation, and robust ransomware data protection.

This comprehensive security feature is poised to elevate an organization’s data and application security across the entire spectrum, encompassing on-premises, public cloud, and edge environments.

According to the Practice Director with the Enterprise Strategy Group Scott Sinclair, he stated that:

“Rapid detection and rapid recovery are two of the most critical elements in successful ransomware planning, yet remain a challenge for many organizations especially as they manage data across multiple clouds, Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage, Nutanix Cloud Platform now provides a 20-min detection window and 1-click recovery, with cyber resilience integrated at the unstructured data layer to simplify cyber resilience while accelerating both detection and recovery.”


THE Nutanix Data Lens:

Nutanix Data Lens, a SaaS data security solution, actively assesses and mitigates risks in unstructured data security and compliance by spotting anomalies and auditing user actions. This new feature is based on three actions:

  • Ransomware Detection and Blocking within 20 Minutes:

This feature enables rapid detection and automated response to swiftly circumvent attacks, thereby minimizing ransomware’s impact. It adds an additional security layer, safeguarding an organization’s unstructured data and reducing potential data damage.

  • Ransomware 1-Click Recovery:

Nutanix Data Lens and Nutanix Unified Storage identify the latest reliable snapshot and initiate an automatic recovery of the share from that snapshot. Customers can choose between automated or guided manual recovery options to swiftly restore normal operations.

  • Permission Visibility and Risk Visualization:

This feature empowers customers to gain insights into intricate permission structures, audit configurations, and conduct more thorough risk assessments.

The Senior Vice President and Product Management at Nutanix Thomas Cornely stated that:

“Many organizations struggle with managing data protection across storage silos and clouds, especially when it comes to data governance and security, with these new ransomware detection and recovery features, the Nutanix Cloud Platform provides built-in ransomware protection, data visibility and automated data governance for Nutanix Files and Objects across clouds to simplify data protection and strengthen an organization’s cyber resilience posture.”

The company also boasted that the Nutanix Data is able to support Nutanix objects, enabling customers to utilize object storage, and still have the same intelligence understanding, and forensics available across both Nutanix Files and Nutanix Objects solution. It also proffers an advance auditing and forensics capabilities in the Nutanix lens, and has also been extended to the Nutanix Objects. Further description indicates that the Nutanix Lens, would be able to reduce security and regulatory risk for Nutanix Customers, and as well simplify their path to integrating and managing data across clouds.


A few of Nutanix customers expressed their opinion and further information can be read on their official press release.




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