Finnish law enforcement takes down the notorious PILOPUOTI Dark Web drug marketplace.

In the bid to combat drugs and crime, the finish law enforcement has gone ahead to take down the notorious drug market place PILOPUOTI, which runs on the darkweb since May 2022.

When you encounter the message ‘This Domain has been seized,’ there’s only one clear implication: law enforcement has taken action against your illicit activities. This is precisely what the Finnish government has done to the dark web drug marketplace PIILOPUOTI.


        Finnish custom has seized the ‘Piilopuoti’ web server in cooperation with foreign authorities. Image-source: Tulli


The Finnish Customs (Tulli) released an official statement on 19th September 2023:

“Finnish custom has seized the ‘Piilopuoti’ web server in cooperation with foreign authorities, and seized the contents of the server. The web server was operational in the Tor network since 2022.”

The website which runs on finish language is said to have been in the drug sales business since 18th may 2022, and was operated as a hidden service in the encrypted Tor network.

The customs authorities went to explain:

“The site has been used for anonymous criminal activities such as narcotics trade. As a rule, the narcotics sold on the site were smuggled to Finland from abroad.”

According to Alexandru Catalin Cosoi, the Senior Director of the Investigation and Forensic Unit at Bitdefender, the successful crackdown on the narcotics organization is a commendable achievement. It underscores the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in disrupting organized illegal platforms like PILOPUOTI. The seizure of the domain serves as a warning to all criminals attempting to engage in anonymous illegal activities, signaling that they cannot evade the law.

The Finnish Customs have declared that they engaged in extensive collaboration with authorities from Germany and Lithuania, Europol, the European Union Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust), as well as law enforcement agencies from other countries and various police units within Finland. As the criminal investigation is currently ongoing, both the Finnish Customs and their international partners in this effort have conveyed that they will refrain from disclosing any additional information regarding the matter.

According to credible reports, in early February of this year, law enforcement agencies successfully took down the clear net domain of Genesis Market. However, it subsequently resurfaced as an alternative service on the dark web in July 2023. Law enforcement continues its efforts to dismantle these services, leading to the emergence of new partners, including Styx Market, which specializes in activities like money laundering and identity theft. Moreover, there are indications of more such entities emerging in the near future.

At Fixitgearware Security, we strongly advocate against criminal activities, as they can swiftly lead to lifelong imprisonment and damage to your reputation and credibility. There are no shortcuts to achieving success. While contemporary trends may seem to glamorize gangs, drugs, and other negative influences, it is imperative to avoid any association with such elements. Such associations can undoubtedly jeopardize your career, potentially leading to one’s premature end or even legal consequences.




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