Idaho National Laboratory Data Breach: Employee Information Compromised.

On Sunday night, the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) fell victim to a significant data breach. This unfortunate event led to the exposure of sensitive employee information, including date of birth, addresses, Social Security numbers, and bank account details, among other sensitive data.

The politically-motivated group “Gay Furry” of seiged has stepped forward, claiming responsibility for this attack, and the massive leak, is said to be in tune of hundreds of thousands of data records, that was compromised.

A representative of EastIdaho News by the name McNamara, stated that:

“Earlier this morning, Idaho National Laboratory determined that it was the target of a cybersecurity data breach, affecting the servers supporting its Oracle HCM system, which supports its Human Resources applications. INL has taken immediate action to protect employee data.”

“INL has been in touch with federal law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency to investigate the extent of data impacted in this incident.”


                                                                                                      Image-source: Fixitgearware


The data breach orchestrated by “Gay Furry” of seiged includes information belonging to local workers and citizens employed by the Idaho National Laboratory. INL Idaho has also disclosed that it is still gathering information and will communicate with employees as soon as possible.

Furthermore, EastIdahonews has also, confirmed that the leaked data is authentic and belongs to INL employees.

The exact method used by the hackers to access this information still remains unknown. However, the cyber incident is currently under investigation by federal law enforcement agencies, while INL has taken immediate action to protect its employees data.



The INL Lab, a renowned organization operating for over 70 years since 1949, has built and operated over 52 nuclear reactors. It is recognized for its research on advanced nuclear energy concepts and alternative energy solutions. This includes renewable energy that enhances the battery power source of EMV (Electric Motor Vehicles), designer of small modular reactors, and protecting the United States power grid.

Such an incident is a stark reminder of the necessity of cybersecurity in ICS (Industrial Control Systems), of our increasingly digital world.

Remember to always stay safe, and be vigilant 🛡️!




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