Google is celebrating its 25th anniversary today – hurray!

It is a birthday celebration, as Google official marks 25-years today. A little Hurray or drum rolling is not a bad idea, for the giant company that started in a Garage by two young lads hungry for success (Larry page and Sergey Brin), which shaped the use of the internet we see today.


Google started in a Garage by two young lads hungry for success (Larry page and Sergey Brin) in September 1998. Image-source: Google Blog


Google became a well renowned search engine, that started in 4th September 1998, at Menlo Park California, United states, and has since then morphed to numerous products. The state of the art dream has given birth to the Google Email, Google Chat known as (Hangouts), Google class rooms, Google Meetings, Google Ads (a way for content writers to earn), Google Maps (which has been a help in time for road and long distance travelers), Google Storage that helps students, creators, and even family members to store their memories or sensitive documents on the cloud, and let’s we forget Entertainment such as YouTube (Content creators, and free access to knowledge to both learners and top CEOs), YouTube Music ( for listening to your favourite songs), Google Playstore for  Android based apps to be hosted, and of course our kids are not left out as they have the (YouTube for Kids). These are numerous of what they have done to shape the earth, and unknown others too.  

The company has gone ahead to even birth a child company known as the Alphabet company (a subsidiary of Google, Waymo, Verily, X Development and more). These are numerous to count for just two decades and a half.  In an official article published on Google’s blog, the company informed that:

“On Google’s birthday, we’re celebrating with a special Doodle and some Surprises in search-and thanking our users for the questions that have moved us forward.”

In a series of down the lane memory videos made, the company showed its affinity for their little beginnings as they described the first few questions ever asked in Google. In a snippet titled:

“How to cut a Pineapple: It wasn’t long ago when finding the answers to simple questions like this wasn’t all that simple. You might call a friend or family member who was handy in the kitchen, or hope that a cookbook at home had some instructions. Or unsure where to look for the answer at all, you’d just grab a kitchen knife and do your best.”


YouTube Video: How to cut a Pineapple.


A warm further description shows the journey was all about the dream made into a reality as they said:

“Twenty-five years ago, we launched Google Search to help you find answers to questions big and small. Since then, billions of people have turned to our products to do just that-satisfy their curiosity. To start a business. To start a journey. To cut a pineapple.”

Sundar Pichai who became Google CEO in 2nd October 2015, also gave his heart-warming message early in September, celebrating how far the journey begun, and how far the dream has become a reality.

He further described that:

“Google is what it is today because of people: Our employees, our partners, and most importantly all the people who use our products.”

He further emphasized that:

“So, as we celebrate our 25th birthday today, we’re also celebrating 25-years of curiosity. After all, your curiosity is what fueled us; and our progress.”

The team hardworking programmers are not left out either as he also highlighted their effort in indexing both links and images meeting google searchers requirement and demand for results.

He further added that:

“It’s a cycle that has repeated itself at Google time and time again over the last quarter century. Whether you want to learn how to knot a tie or plan where to tie the knot, stay healthy or stay informed; each chapter of our story has been co-authored by you.”

Celebrating their birthday, the company described activities rolled out to surprise its users by setting the homepage doodle to honoring the evolution of Google’s logo, and searching for birthday related queries (or hum), results into a warm surprise. The CEO said:

“But mostly we want to say thanks.”




Google rolled out a series of Doddle representing Googles Logo design for the past two decades and half (25-years). Image source: Google.



In a closing remark of the article written on their blog the company said:

“We love dreaming up new ways that technology can be helpful to you every day, and we are endlessly inspired by what you’ve used to achieve. We’re also humbled by the opportunities ahead, and the potential for AI to help us continue to deliver our mission and improve the lives of even more people.”

The CEO of Google Mr. Sundar added:

“Our search for answers will drive extraordinary technology progress over the next 25-years.”

The entire team at Google added their warm gratitude saying:

“From all of us at Google, thanks for an amazing 25 years. Here’s to many more years of curiosity.”


We at FixitgearwareSecurity, also congratulate Google for their years and journey so far, showing that dreams don’t only become a reality, but also takes time, commitment, shear-will, dedication, and of course a power team on board. We are grateful to Google, as nobody would have known our organization on a wider range globally without the help of Google search engine, and we are inspired by their success journey and birthday celebration to aspire to turn our dreams into reality. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOOGLE.”




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