Google Alerts Users on the Updates in its 2FA Security, to Curb Email Account Compromise.

The Urgency of 2FA Security was announced by Google on Wednesday 23-August-2023.

The company announced on its workspace updates blog post, advising Gmail-Account users need in setting up additional security, to enhance their email security and protection, when sensitive actions or suspicious activities are noticed on their email accounts.

google to evaluate a session attempt, and if it is found suspicious, a “verify it’s you” prompt will be displayed. Image-source: GoogleWorkspace Blog

Google wrote on their blog on what to expect in the changes that are coming, they stated:

“Last year, we introduced stronger safeguards around sensitive actions taken in your Google Workspace accounts. We are extending these protections to sensitive actions taken in Gmail, specifically actions. Related to Filters, Forwarding, and IMAP access.”

It is noted that the Filters would be able to allow users create a new filter, import, or even edit an existing filter. The Forwarding features allows users to add a new forwarding address to POP (Post Office Protocol), and IMAP (Internet Messaging Access control), and the IMAP access can be enabled from the settings.

With these features, Google has taken a more secure access steps for its users. This would able to let google to evaluate a session attempt, and if it is found suspicious, a “verify it’s you” prompt will be displayed, requesting users to authorize/confirm the action from their trusted device (phone) or 2-step verification code.

If the process of verification fails, or not completed the legitimate user of the account are sent a “Critical Security Alert” to the trusted device, set for the email account.

Google announced the service provision are only limited to users of Google identity provider.  They wrote

“Note that this feature only supports users that use Google as their identity provider and actions taken within Google products. SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) users are not supported at this time.”




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