Flowmon to the Rescue: Progress’s AI Tool Against Cyber Threats.

The Progress community has made the decision to adopt Flowmon, a new AI tool to aid in the fight against cyber threats. It’s no secret that major corporations are beginning to develop AI tools to stay one step ahead of threat actors.

This ranges from Microsoft’s creation of the Security Co-Pilot to Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk, with many more still in development.

                                                         Flowmon Progress A.I Tool. Image-source: Fixitgearware

Progress, a company specializing in application and software development, has announced its plan to adopt an AI-powered tool capable of threat intelligence and event analysis. This latest addition, in the Progress Network Anomaly Detection System (ADS), operates continuously as an AI-powered cybersecurity analyst.

Features which the AI-powered tool offers:

  • It refines and summarizes only the most critical events and findings.
  • It provides an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity incidents and the security landscape.
  • It conducts threat analysis and scoring.
  • It provides Intrusion Detection System (IDS) events.
  • It offers browser analysis, visualization, and updates.
  • It detects the use of applications and maps them to IP addresses.

Sundar Subramanian, Progress EVP & GM of Infrastructure Management, revealed that:

"Flowmon AI-Powered contextual threat event analysis represents a giant leap forward in the battle against ever-evolving threats."

This tool cuts through the noise, providing a comprehensive understanding of the threat landscape. It equips organizations with the necessary tools to defend against potential cyberattacks, protect critical infrastructure, and mitigate risks.

The AI-powered tool, Flowmon ADS, uses behavioral algorithm analysis to detect anomalies within network traffic. It automatically detects and quickly exposes malicious attacks and behaviors against critical applications, data breaches, and various Indicators of Compromise (IoCs).

For its innovative capabilities, Flowmon ADS won “Gold” in the Globee Cybersecurity Awards 2023 in the Network Detection and Response Category. AI-Tool Flowmon ADS also received recognition as a Leading Technology by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions in their SPARK Matrix: Network Detection and Response (NDR) report.

 The software company is committed to driving business forward through technology and has adopted innovative steps to facilitate its path to success. Progress community software is globally accepted, enabling organizations to build the applications and experiences they need with ease.

Flowmon ADS 12.2 is also now available for download. Businesses can use it to stay ahead of cyber threats and safeguard their critical infrastructure.




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