The social network company that has their apps across all platform (windows, android, iOS and more), has warned the general public about possible data breach due to their third-party support agent being hacked.

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Discord sent an official email warning its users of a possible data breached occurring due to a third-party support agent being compromised by a threat actor.  The breach, was able to expose specific agent support ticket queue (customers complaint unresolved) which entails email addresses, messages that were exchanged with discord support team, and screenshot attachments of the customers complaint sent as part of the ticket.

The social network company took a swift action by disabling the support account immediately the incident was noticed.

The company said:

“Discord was made aware of a brief incident that resulted in unauthorized access to a third-party customer service agent’s support ticket queue. Due to the nature of the incident, it is possible that your email address, the contents of customer service messages and any attachments sent between you and discord may have been exposed to a third party.”

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Additional steps and procedures were taking by the company in working with their customer service partners to implement productive measures to prevent futuristic occurrence of such breach.

Users who have been affected by this breach are advice to be on the lookout of any malicious activity such email phishing scams, as this might be a possibility for threat actors to employ social engineering to unsuspecting victims.

Although the company described the incident to be one of minimal impact, users are still advised to be on the lookout of protecting their personal data from further exploitation via social engineering.

The company said:

“While we believe the risk is limited, it is recommended that you be vigilant for any suspicious messages or activity, such as fraud or phishing attempts.”

The company that is evaluated to be worth over $7-Billion, has over 963-million messages sent daily.




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