Cyber Attacks Hit Two Hudson Clinical Buildings and New York Casino.


A group of cyber-criminals has targeted two clinical buildings (hospitals) in Hudson and a casino in New York.

Over the weekend, a report emerged after the State Gaming Commission confirmed that a group of threat actors had affected its core operating system, which serves the state’s slot parlors.  This resulted in the closure of Jake 58 casino in Islandia, Suffolk County, for several days.


  Jake 58 casino in Islandia, HealthAlliance, and Margaretville Hospitals were targets of a cybersecurity Incident over the weekend. Image-source: Fixitgearware



According to the Spokesperson of the Gaming Commission (Brad Maione), he disclosed that:

“On Tuesday, October 17, 2023, Everi, the licensed operator of New York’s video lottery gaming central system, experienced a cybersecurity event that remains under investigation.”

However, the commission stated that, to the best of their knowledge, no PII (Personal Identifiable Information) had been exfiltrated or compromised, and they are still investigating the situation.

Additionally, during the weekend, HealthAlliance and Margaretville Hospitals in the Hudson Valley had no choice but to divert patients elsewhere in response to a cybersecurity attack. The incident also affected the nursing home at the Mountainside.

Following this, the two hospitals remained open during the diversion, and they provided treatment, stabilization, and subsequent release to patients who arrived. Ambulance services were also restored around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday night.


The Westchester Medical Center Health Network, responsible for the medical facilities, stated that:

“To address the threat and take the necessary steps to fully restore our secure network, on Friday, October 20, our IT experts shut down all connected IT systems at HealthAlliance Hospital, Margaretville Hospital, and Mountainside Residential Care Center.”


In a swift response, the organization promptly initiated the setup of their IT systems, which is still in progress, while they implemented other recovery measures to restore WMC’s operations and services.

“We initiated the process of setting up our IT systems, which is still in progress, but we have now recovered all the essential capabilities required to fully restore our operations.”


The Chief Strategy Officer of WMCHealth, Josh Ratner, expressed his appreciation by stating:

“I want to applaud everyone at HealthAlliance Hospital, Margaretville Hospital, and Mountainside Residential Care Center for all of their hard work and dedication while facing an incredibly difficult situation. They helped us return to full operations sooner than expected while continuing to provide the best possible care for patients in our community.”


Furthermore, he described that:

“This helped demonstrate the strength of the entire WMCHealth Network, with hospitals, physicians, nurses, and administrators from across the network playing a vital role in making sure our patients were cared for as we worked to regain full operations, resume admitting patients, and minimize any impacts of disruption.”


While achieving perfect cybersecurity is not an instant accomplishment, Fixitgearware Security advises organizations to prioritize security awareness. In the event of a cyber attack, organizations should promptly take action to address the specific incident, integrate mitigation into their existing cybersecurity framework, promote additional protective measures, and prevent the organization from encountering the same incident with the same exploitation and the same threat actors.

Article source: NY Post










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