Captivating the World: The Arrest of Asia’s Best Hacker.

In an enthralled event, the infamous “Asia’s Best Hacker”, a prodigy hailing from the Philippines, has been apprehended. It was revealed that the notorious hacker was intercepted and detained in the province of Las Pinas, Philippines.

Philipines National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO), on the 12th of January, 2024, conducted a meticulously planned raid, leading to the arrest of Edgar Silvano Jr., 47,. known in the cyber world for his hacking prowess. Silvano, was arrested at his residence in Barangay Talon Dos at precisely 2:00 p.m. local time.

The raid, which marked the end of the hacker’s reign of cyber terror, was initiated under a warrant granted by Judge Elizabeth Yu Guray of the Las Pinas Regional Trial Court Branch 202.

According to Phil star Global, the police seized an astonishing 34 exhibits in Silvano’s possession. These included 11 mobile phones, seven USB flash drives, five laptop computers, four SD cards, three Wi-Fi router devices, two external hard drives, a desktop computer, and a modem dongle. In addition to the recovered exhibit, the police uncovered a trove of financial documents, including personal bank account information of various individuals, land title deeds, and paperwork for purchased vehicles.

                                                     Edgar Silvano (47). Image-source: Philstar

The verdict:

Upon the verdict, it was found that Silvano had violated The Republic Act 8484, also known as the Access Device Regulations Act of 2012. Additional charges, also involves the illegal possession of firearms, violating the RA 10591 Act.

Silvano earned the moniker ‘Asia’s Best Hacker’ after successfully breaching the system of Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp (HSBC), a renowned international bank based in Hong Kong, back in 2001.

However, his notoriety peaked in 2016 when he was arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation for violating the RA 8484 and illegal drug possession. Further information also indicated that during the arrest, Silvano’s accomplice, Marie Joy Espano, was also detained on charges of obstructing justice and providing false information to the police.


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