Caesar’s cyberattack effects: Loyalty program data compromised.

Caesar’s entertainment cyberattack aftermath has been disclosed, and said to impact data of customers on their loyalty program. It was reported sometime in September 2023, that a cyberattack which targeted the company, may have resulted to over 17,000 of its  global customer data being compromised.

The severity was not certain as the level of information compromised were not reported, to the public at the time the disclosure was made. However, on Friday (7th October, 2023), the company announced that the breach specifically targeted their IT support vendor which the company uses, and resulted to information stolen from the loyalty program database.

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It was recorded that the data which was stolen by the threat actor comprises of names, social security numbers, ID numbers, and DOB’s (Date of Birth). 

To further prove the organization integrity, the company in a press release, stated that there are no indication that account PIN numbers, passwords, payment card numbers or bank account information was stolen in the compromise.  

Caesar’s disclosed that its organization is working towards deleting the compromised data, although this should be taken with a grain of salt, as no promises were made. Additionally, the company disclosed that there are no evidence online indicating the compromised data been shared or available in the darkweb, published or utilized for any negative intents.

To further gain its customers trust, the company announced that they are offering two-year identity theft protection services through IDX all free for customers who are on their loyalty program, and are worried about their data being compromised.

Also, as a precautionary measure, the Caesar entertainment urged its members to keep an eye on their account statements, and credit reports to detect any suspicious transactions.

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