Boeing vs LockBit: Unpacking the Recent Cybersecurity Incident.

The notable airline manufacturer, Boeing, has disclosed being a victim of a cyber incident, from the threat group LockBit, resulting in sensitive data theft.

A few days ago, the ransomware gang LockBit reportedly gained access to the aerospace defense contractor and stole sensitive data.

According to reports from The Register, the company acknowledged that:

“We are aware of a cyber incident impacting elements of our parts and distribution business.”

Further information reveals that the company’s flight safety was not impacted by the incident, and investigations are ongoing with respective authorities regarding the magnitude and impact of the incident on the organization.

Although Boeing official website is currently down. 


             Boeing  Official Website returning error “Site down due to technical issues.” Image-source: Fixitgearware

Also, the company acknowledged that all respective clients and customers have been notified regarding this situation.

The booming business of the jet/airline industry in 2016 motivated Boeing to grow its airline parts manufacturing, in other to generate more profit; produced more parts for third-party organizations under licensing.

In Boeing’s 2022 annual report, the airline company explained that:

“Over the long-term, as the size of the worldwide commercial airline fleet continues to grow, so does demand for aftermarket services designed to increase efficiency and extend the economic lives of aircraft.”



While the source of the incident is still yet unknown, however, notorious gang LockBit took responsibility for the damage on the aerospace giant.

Screenshots published on VX Underground last week/month revealed that Boeing was added to the list of victims by LockBit, and the ransom gang instructed Boeing to have a 6-day countdown period, to negotiate for the ransom. In addition, a representative staff member of the ransom group LockBit disclosed to malware librarians that the exploitation was possible as a result of a zero-day flaw.

However, the updated list shows that Boeing has been removed from the LockBit Victim list on Monday (30-October-2023), an indication that there might be negotiations ongoing behind the scene.

This was also confirmed by VX Underground’s on X (former Twitter) handle that changes were made due to negotiations already ongoing.

At the time of this publication, Boeing is yet to make an official press release, and also SEC hasn’t made any official public statement. Hopefully, Boeing would be back in business in no time.

Article-Credit: Theregister




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