Bermuda Government Reveals Cyberattack Findings and Successfully Restores Services.

The September attack on the Bermuda government took everyone by surprise, dwarfing expectations with its sheer magnitude.

In the wake of the breach, the government promptly made the public aware of the incident.

However, the specifics of what was stolen or the full extent of the damage remained shrouded in uncertainty.

A twitter post published on the government official handle today, shows the story takes an unexpected turn. Against all odds, as the British island territory has boldly risen from the ashes, swiftly restoring its services. Even more impressively, they’ve courageously laid bare the affected agencies and infrastructure. The resilience of Bermuda in the face of adversity is nothing short of remarkable.


                                     Official Twitter (X) announcement from the Bermuda Government. Image-source: Twitter


In a disclosed post today 10th October 2023, the country that rest on the North Atlantic Ocean stated that:

“The Government has provided an update on the restoration of services.”


Article on the official website of the Bermuda Government, describes:

“The Bermuda Government list of services impacted by the recent cyber incident. This list will be updated regularly. Most email services have been restored, and the government switchboard, 295-5151 phone service is operational and most government phone services have been restored.”



The List published on the official website of the Bermuda government includes the sector, department that were affected, and services that were restored:


  • The Ministry of National Security: Fire & rescue, corrections, customs, police, and regiment.
  • The Ministry of Economy and Labour: Immigration, Financial Assistance, Labour relations, Department of workforce development, contact information’s to reach out to.
  • The Ministry of Health: ministry of health accounts, health insurance department, and a list of contacts to access the Department of health services, Bermuda Health council, Health fax number for referrals.
  • Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sport: Youth, sport and Recreation, and the Department of Culture.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs: Department of Environment and Natural resources, planning, Land valuation, Registry General, and Department of Energy.
  • The Cabinet Office: Post office, Office of Project Management and Procurement.
  • The Ministry of Finance: Account General, Operations Section, Social Insurance, Registrar of Companies.
  • The Ministry of Social Development: Margaret Carter Centre, Social Development  HQ, Aging and Disability Services, Department of Child and Family Services.
  • The Ministry of Transport: Transport Control Department, Marine and Ports, Public Transportation.
  • The Ministry of Education: Education, Libraries and Archives.
  • The Ministry of Legal Affairs and Constitution Reform: Court services, Judiciary, National Drug and Control Treatment, Legal Aid, and Consumer Affairs.
  • The Ministry of Public Works: Public Works HQ, Works and Engineering, Public Lands and Buildings, Parks.


A comprehensive detail of the outcome and functional services can be read on the government official website.




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