Australian Schools are Major targets for cyber attack NCSC warns.

Reports from the National Cyber Security Coordinator (NCSC), warns that Australian schools could soon be on the high risk target for cybercriminals.

In an event held by NAB (National Australia Bank), The National Cyber Security Coordinator Air Marshall Darren Goldie stated that cybercriminals are exponentially seeing schools as lucrative targets, when compared to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs).

He disclosed that:

“If you consider the profile of a school, they are the same exact size of a successful medium-sized business, with a couple of thousand individuals all carrying personal devices with personal information connected to a school network.”

In a more elaborate description he noted that:

“They are small enough not to have full-time cyber security teams and generally don’t have the resources for 24/7 threat response partner.”

With a notable trend of cyberattacks targeting educational systems in the United states; The first Lady Jill Biden organized an initiative to improve cybersecurity and cybersecurity awareness in schools.


            Students themselves are not the primary targets, they could inadvertently become entry-points for cyberattacks. Image-source: TheGuardian



Air Marshall Goldie further disclosed that these attacks are majorly carried out by group of threat actors, and not somewhat isolated. These groups are noted for targeting homes, government bodies, and vulnerable communities, with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities Inclusive.

The chief Security of National Australian Bank (NAB) by the name Sandro Bycchianeri emphasized that approximately 40% of SMEs, Including schools, lacked adequate cybersecurity training.

Also, the CEO of Grok Academy Dr. James Curran, laid emphasis that while the students themselves are not the primary targets, they could inadvertently become entry-points for cyberattacks.

This is an indication that cybersecurity should be treated as a matter of urgency for schools, SMEs , and their need to upgrade security measures, as they are both an integral and significant part of the economy, and communal security.




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