Anonymous Sudan at It again hacks X and makes demand from Elon Musk Over Starlink.

The group went ahead to disclose the reason for the disgruntled behaviour; to be as a result of the unavailability of Elon-Musk internet service known as the “Starlink” in Sudan. Image-source: Fixitgearware

Anonymous Sudan is at it gain this time, for hacking X (formerly known as twitter), with a demand to X-CEO Elon musk, insisting that the Starlink service should be installed in the country Sudan.

Sometime in August 2023, the threat group was responsible for taking down all government facilities in Kenya, over their unjustly interference in the political war going on in Sudan.

It was reported that on Tuesday (29th August 2023) that the group conducted a massive DDOS attack to over a dozen countries access to X (twitter), and users from the affected countries couldn’t have access to the social network.

The incidence which is said to occur in these targeted countries, lasted for over 2-hrs. The group went ahead to disclose the reason for the disgruntled behaviour; to be as a result of the unavailability of Elon-Musk internet service known as the “Starlink” in Sudan. 

In a messaged posted on their telegram channel, the group said:

“Make our message reach to Elon Musk: ‘Open Starlink in Sudan.’”

BBC-news had a private conversation with a member of the gang in other to gain understanding of how the attack was conducted. A group member of the gang by the name “Crush” stated in a conversation, that they flooded Servers belonging to X, with huge amount of too many requests at the same time, making the targeted servers flooded with lots of traffic and took it offline.

The Downdetector report shows that over 20,000 users reported their inability to access their x-account feeds in the US and the UK.

Another threat group that goes by the name “Hofa”, stated that the reason for the DDOS attack, was to bring the general public awareness on the ongoing civil war in Sudan, resulting to internet service downtime in Sudan.

Elon is yet to issue a public statement regarding the attack, nor has he ever responded with questions regarding the installation of the Starlink in Sudan.

More Information about the threat group:

The threat group acclaimed to be located in Sudan, and has been responsible for recent attack. However, cybersecurity professionals, are of the opinion that the attackers are Russian based cyber-military disguising as a threat group from Sudan.

The reason for this assumption (by cybersecurity Professionals), was based on the unwavering support, they the acclaimed group, have for Russian President Vladimir Putin, and as well as their undeniable alignment with other threat actors from Russia.

Although the group has refuted these assumptions, by disclosing sensitive information such as their Live-Location on telegram, and International Documentation (Passport), to reporters from the BBC-News.

The representative of the group by the name CRUSH, stated their reason for supporting Russia, was due to the kremlin government support towards them during their political crisis. As a form of showing the same favour back, hence the reason for the public allegiance.

The emergence of the threat group since the beginning of this year hasn’t made them play on the low, as they have been responsible for the disruption of dozens of government organizations web-portals in France, Israel, Nigeria, and the United States.

 Further opinion was given by the group representative gave an insight of why they conduct the attacks.

He spoke:

“The reason we hit infrastructures is to teach the country and its rulers a lesson, and yes we have red lines, that is if our attacks harm a lot of innocents.’

They are of the opinion that they are defending the country Sudan and the truth of the Religion Islam. However, on two known occasions, the group have been noted to demand ransoms paid in bitcoins by their victims.

Other social network and dating apps that have fallen victim to their attacks include: Reddit, Tumblr, OnlyFans, and other LGBTQ+ related occurrence.

High targeted profile organization include Microsoft services (earlier reported in June). The group gradually becoming notorious for their activities. Who knows what victim would be targeted next.




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