ChatGPT Leaks: MICROSOFT PATCHES aCropalypse Vulnerability

The inventing of A.I brings quite a tremendous benefits of making task easier, but we shouldn’t neglect the fact that comes with it, is an emerging cyber-threat. Like any other technology before getting a foot in the soil experience security flaws, new technologies such as artificial intelligence (A.I) are not exempted either from it.

Recently, a report of a vulnerability was detected to be associated with ChatGPT which was termed the name “aCropalypse” and over 14-million records were compromised that disclosed out information such as users billing information.

Image of ChatGPT mobile

Microsoft further released an emergency update that fixes the vulnerability also found in its windows 10 snip & sketch tool, and the snipping tool in windows 11. The vulnerability is said to give threat actors the ability to view sensitive information’s, which is contained with a cropped-out section of a screenshot. Although certain factors are required which are outside the limits of the attacker, screenshots containing sensitive information such as login credentials, bank statements, and medical records pose a significant risk.

It is estimated that over 1.2% of all chat GPT users’ credentials were leaked in a span of nine hours. This created a panic as different users of the A.I tool are shown billing information which does not belong to them, when they tried to access the ‘Manage Subscription’ section of their panel. This further shows sensitive information’s such as first, and last names, credit card types, credit card expiration dates, the CVV, and billing addresses. The parent company OpenAI confirmed that the vulnerability was associated to one of its open-source libraries and has further address the bug issue.




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